10 Ounce Johnson Matthey Silver Bar | Silver Unboxing

10 Ounce Johnson Matthey Silver Bar

Added 12 ounces to my silver stack from a local coin store. One of the purchases was inspired by Lanceoa’s Libertad video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sC1…
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SD Bullion

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25 Responses to 10 Ounce Johnson Matthey Silver Bar

  1. EpicRV says:

    yeah this stuff is truly on sale!

  2. Ronbo710 says:

    Just got a 10 ouncer in today. LOVE the weight. Prices are dipping and I am going to dive in deep :D!!!

  3. loh1110 says:

    $3 over spot for ASE at a local coin shop is unheard of… were they in new condition or circulated?

  4. SilverStacker123 says:

    you people make me sad with all these bars, i dont have any yet, but will soon

  5. EpicRV says:

    yeah i like them — got some 1 ounce englehars but id love to find a loaf!

  6. la19881 says:

    Jm bars are nice. I love Engelhard bars as well.

  7. hotneo7 says:


    Streetmoney is like the ‘Morpheus’ in the silver community aside from David Morgan/Eric Sprott/Mike Maloney. You learn a lot from someone who’s in the game longer and made all the mistakes. Glad I didn’t blow my money on big bars. Everyone has a finite money to buy silver and the bars are a dead end and not as liquid.
    People get emotionally attached to numis and the premiums eat up what could have gone to just bullion. Dealers might fold= paperweight.

  8. hotneo7 says:

    Good. Talk to people who will be busy melting bars into rounds, he said the small premium that people pay now they will pay much more to break the bar when SHTF. Always have an exit strategy.
    I buy 1oz or less because if silver does go up into the 100s then you can imagine the 10oz – 5kg bars are hard to break. A lot of fakes like gold bars now, wait til silver. The junk silver are so small nobody’s going to make fake ones. And if so, you’re out not much. Others won’t take bars to pay for melt.

  9. hotneo7 says:


  10. silver john says:

    nice keep stacking

  11. EpicRV says:

    It’s a Jeep thing! haha!

  12. lanceoa says:

    Wow really appreciate the shout out thanks a lot and great pickups

  13. cliffsearch says:

    I love the “Libertad’s great deign”. Thanks for the viewing Epic…

  14. MaKaElectric says:

    Right on bro, cool intro as well.

  15. EpicRV says:

    thanks brother

  16. EpicRV says:

    I really like the older ones with the writing on the side. I’ll check out your video for sure!

  17. b5clubber says:

    Nice grabs. I LOVE how the libertad looks. I want one now. Just posted my first pick up ever of sone G & S

  18. Pd Ballerina says:

    I’m a big Libertad fan too! 🙂 

  19. Kesef Silver says:

    Great job. The JM 10 ounce bars are classic Ag (and COMEX approved) and $2 over spot is a good buy from a local dealer.

  20. ajaxsoccer10 says:

    Great video man! Check out my channel

  21. EpicRV says:

    thanks brother

  22. EpicRV says:

    thanks brother

  23. SilverSanctum says:

    Nice deal for the JM bar.

  24. silverfish VT says:

    Its true, it adds to the experience, and brings the best out of us. Thats the hope anyway. 

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