TFHGirl is Unboxing – German Junk Silver Third Reich Period 02 | Silver Unboxing

TFHGirl is Unboxing – German Junk Silver Third Reich Period 02

TFHGirl is Unboxing - German Junk Silver Third Reich Period 02

Today the last missing junk silver coin from the Third Reich Period arrived! Help us caption & translate this video!
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SD Bullion

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15 Responses to TFHGirl is Unboxing – German Junk Silver Third Reich Period 02

  1. RevLiSdLloGmp says:

    I like…

  2. TinfoilHatGirl says:

    5 grams 🙂

  3. EpicRV says:

    Very interesting — what is the silver content of them?

  4. TinfoilHatGirl says:

    LOOL, Thanx for reporting these happy progresses 😀 Dont bother too much about these two videos, they are meant as small previews anyway. I will do a video closer look and details on the Third Reich coins soon. So forget about these videos here and just tune in again when I upload that video ;-)

  5. SilverSanctum says:

    Well, I can watch the entire vid of 02 now, and the 01 vid I can watch up to 0:41. That’s progress lol. Well, eventually YT will finish up whatever they’re upgrading, hopefully soon.

  6. TinfoilHatGirl says:

    thank you, watcher8o :-))

  7. watcher8o says:

    Youtube has been buggy for a few days now for a lot of people. It will only load part of the video sometimes. Wanted to report that I was able to watch the whole video, so some folks may just need to keep trying or give it time.

  8. Jose Aparicio says:

    Very nice…

  9. TinfoilHatGirl says:

    hm thats strange 🙁 because when I play them here in my browser to test it everything runs fine. Maybe it has sth to do with my editing programme, I dont know :-((( booohoo, I hope that my more detailed take on these coins that I am planning to record soon works better then…. :-/

  10. SilverSanctum says:

    I tried many times, I couldn’t get past 1:37 mark. Fast forward clicking on the bar didn’t do the trick either. The other video (Third Reich 01) wouldn’t even let me pass 0:01, haha. Not just your vids, I’ve had the same issue with a few others. But, not all. YT is having hiccups, heh. Anyway, unique pieces of history, thanks.

  11. greg williams says:

    i will PM you 🙂

  12. TinfoilHatGirl says:

    the video is 2:03 min long and yes, there is a second envelope where the 2RM Hindenburg Swastika coins are in! Sometimes YT hangs itself up on a video and needs refreshing the site

  13. greg williams says:

    the vid keeps stopping at 1:27 - are they in the second envelope? after you take the second lot out of the envelope, a quick look then it stops – do those ones have the swaztika on them?

  14. TinfoilHatGirl says:

    Thx 🙂 As you see the 2 RM Hindenburg coin was twice in the package. If you like you can have it, I would trade it against Aussie Junk Silver of yours!

  15. greg williams says:

    very very nice 🙂 the coins from this period really fascinate me 8^))