Silver Surprise from Provident Metals | Silver Unboxing

Silver Surprise from Provident Metals

5oz Year of the Dragon -Australian Perth Mint.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

SD Bullion

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11 Responses to Silver Surprise from Provident Metals

  1. 1newdennis says:

    Coin is great but your language needs a bar of soap…lol

  2. Jose Aparicio says:

    Lol… That is true …. Sometimes you have to say that of how exited you are… Good stuff … Keep stacking

  3. iDIMi says:

    Ohhh Just look at it! Sometimes you just have to look at it and say would you look at this! Thanks Jose!

  4. Jose Aparicio says:

    Would you look at that…. Nice! Purchase bro…

  5. iDIMi says:

    You already got one, silly!

  6. EpicRV says:

    haha…..yeah she’s fucking every where!

  7. iDIMi says:

    Yes they’re good, they just sold out of this 5oz! I only like buying coins in cases from them though. I wish I could replace the queen on this coin with the skull from Slave Queen coin. That would be awesome!

  8. EpicRV says:

    Nice 5 ounce! I really like Provident.

  9. Joker0911PL says:

    Ineed it is fk awesome I have 5 oz snake which is also fk awesome check my vid.

  10. iDIMi says:

    Hey Rocky, Thanks for your comment! Any thing going on here in South Jersey? I have the week off from work. Want to do some silver hunting. 😉

  11. rocky315w says:

    what i hate about the big ones is that I’d lve to make nice stands for them and leave them around like i do with my fossils but that’s not going to happen although many of the fossils are worth hundreds of dollars and a few over a thousand, but people walk right buy them as thought they and my crystals don’e exist. But really nice coin, thanks for showing. Rocky