Silver Bullion Spotlight – 2003 Australia Kookaburra Coin | Silver Unboxing

Silver Bullion Spotlight – 2003 Australia Kookaburra Coin

Silver Bullion Spotlight - 2003 Australia Kookaburra Coin

Here’s a look into the next installment of the silver spotlight series. This one depicts the beautiful Australian Kookaburra bullion coin. Find out everythin…

SD Bullion

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11 Responses to Silver Bullion Spotlight – 2003 Australia Kookaburra Coin

  1. greg williams says:

    Very very nice 🙂 The best year imo – I have never really like the outer border on the other years…They are all nice but this one stands out. Thanks for showing it mate!

  2. Ant T says:

    Do they make a book like the redbook for all the Australia stuff?

  3. Supradrew says:

    damn. That’s a Beautiful Coin. And I Love anything Australian too. I have Kookaburras on my list. :)

  4. Virginianative1968 says:

    Stunning coin!

  5. JEBinCLFD says:

    Ok….When buying these Australian coins do think you really need to buy the whole series? I have the dragon and the rabbit from the first series. What does the common collector do?

  6. raylam09 says:

    The best kookaburra of all the years in my opinion

  7. SilverShareHolder says:

    Nice coin and very informative video, thanks

  8. MisterSilverMonster says:

    2003 was a great year for the Kook.

  9. Stokjockey says:

    Just wanted to share this little bit of info with you. Christmas in July !!

    ModernCoinMart should have the 2014 Lunar Year of the Horse for Tokelau (Mintage of 50,000 Coins) available towards the end of July. This is the Second in the series of Lunar coins from the Country of Tokelau and they do come in the plastic capsule minted by the New Zealand Mint with similar quality to the Perth Mint Products. One good video from BrotherJohnF and I bet these babies will be gone quick. Pictures at MCM

  10. rocky315w says:

    I always pass out Dramamine before watching one of my videos, you guys are getting way to good at this video thing, tone it down some.