New silver safe, unboxing update, junk coin discovery | Silver Unboxing

New silver safe, unboxing update, junk coin discovery

New silver safe, unboxing update, junk coin discovery

Hey just another update, I just got a safe to store my silver in, and while moving my coins I discovered what I think is a walking liberty quarter, and a mer…

SD Bullion

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20 Responses to New silver safe, unboxing update, junk coin discovery

  1. Max Pax says:

    Thanks Gjcoins the unboxing is up and ready thanks for the support.

  2. B1r6m4n says:

    Even small wall safes can be bolted to the wall or floor. Definitely look into getting one that is capable of that. When my house was broken into (before I beefed up CCTV and alarm) they started to carry mine outside before being discovered. Now its bolted.. 🙂

  3. Max Pax says:

    yea this isnt the most expensive safe in the world, it only weight about a hundred lbs, but for a guy my size, “i use to lift a lot, had like a 400+ squat and almost a 300 bench” and i found it still hard to walk it upstairs lol. Hopeful it would deter some punk trying to jack my silver, but for two men maybe no problem. It has a bolt down system so i think i may eventually bolt it down to the floor. For my stack and my budget this will work for now. Keep stacking!

  4. Max Pax says:

    thats the plan brother. Thanks for the support keep stacking!

  5. Max Pax says:

    Thanks greg!

  6. Max Pax says:

    Wow hey thanks for the comment SIlverfish, i’m a huge fan of your videos, u probably got me started on the idea of investing in silver. Thanks for the comment and support. Keep stacking!

  7. Max Pax says:

    I am really considering this. Keep stacking brother!

  8. gjcoins says:

    nice safe , excited to see the new unboxing video ! nice barber and standing !

  9. lbcoincollecter says:

    Standing liberty quarter and barber dime

  10. javamanV3 says:

    …Or can be bolted to the floor!

  11. Scott McG says:

    That is a nice looking safe, but not very heavy looking. How much does it weigh? I ask as I am looking into a new safe, but have been told that they really should weigh more than two men can carry. I am looking in the 750 pound – 1000 pound range.

  12. pof1991 says:

    meto max nice safe fill her up mate

  13. silverfish VT says:

    Very nice safe Max Pax, now you have to fill that puppy up, lol. 

  14. Max Pax says:

    Hey thanks for the help Jose, i have to say they have me interested in the idea of buying some junk silver.

  15. Max Pax says:

    yea it was a small investment for the protection it should add. thanks for the comment frugal! big fan.

  16. Max Pax says:

    Thanks a lot Greg i really appreciated the sub and support.I will return the favor. Keep stacking brother!

  17. greg williams says:

    nice safe 🙂 subbed :-)))

  18. FrugalLife says:

    Cool safe.. i should get one.. i have to take my coins on the bus to the safe store place lol

    As Jose says .. the coins are standing liberty quarter and barber dine.

    Looking forward to the next video

  19. Jose Aparicio says:

    nice find, well the two coins that you have are a Standing liberty Quarter and Barber DIme from what I can tell, hope this helps you out

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