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Meet Gainesville Coins Inc.

The Right Coin at the Right Price! Find us at For the serious investor or hobbyist alike, you can buy and sell gold and silver 24 hours…

SD Bullion

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17 Responses to Meet Gainesville Coins Inc.

  1. datsunmadman says:

    AAA SERVICE I only buy from them.Nothing but great service.

  2. EpicRV says:

    Doesn’t get any better than gainesville!

  3. MrChrisham says:

    how reliable is gainesville coins oppose to apmex. there been rumors of fake silver being circulated so does anyone have info on this please let me know.

  4. lagoveride says:

    just bought a 1oz gold bar. supposed to get a pamp or a credit bar. im hoping i get the pamp bar, but i will be happy with either. Check out my channel bullion and toilet paper money. I do reviews, unboxing and fun stuff. Subscribe and look out for the free bullion contest.

  5. HansGruber1962 says:

    I use to buy from them but i live on the West Coast. I found Liberty Coin & Precious Metals , located in San Diego, on the compare gold prices dot com website. Liberty has the same prices as Gainsville with great service and they are in my time zone which helps me.

  6. justsomecanadian says:

    HORRIBLE service. I sent two separate emails from Canada about purchasing from your company and neither email was answered. I took my business elsewhere.

  7. DeutcherKonnig says:

    This company sucks dick. One excuse after another and still no confirmation that I’m not going to get hosed for a 5% cancellation “fee.” First, they called for confirmation of my address. Agent became MIA. Second, claimed my credit card had placed a “hold” on my account due to fraud. Noooo, called my cc and said all was well. 7 calls later, called on a 3 way with my cc and asked if there was fraud on my account?? Hello, if there was fraud, how would my cc ok the transaction. Jerkoffs.

  8. AGAUBrian says:

    My favorite bullion dealer.  Best Pricing on the web

  9. xiaofeiyang says:

    “The Right Coin at the Right Price”? What baloney!!!
    When the gold and silver prices were plummeting a few days ago, the website was conveniently closed for ‘maintenance’, not allowing customers to take advantage of the low prices. Of course, had it been the other way around and prices were sky-rocketing, the chances of any ‘maintenance’ being done would be absolutely ZERO.

  10. tamberineman says:

    this is one of the best companies to buy from. i have bought a lot from them , but when silver crashes they shut down the website for maintenance hmmm very convenient.

  11. 1501HP says:

    They do not take forever… I know for a fact, great company to buy fro

  12. kirbyman1kanden7pf says:

    your company takes forever to ship orders.

  13. fleckx says:

    $30 Silver! UGH!

  14. tamberineman says:

    best prices on the web!!!!!!!!!!! great costumer service..

  15. themightyjoseph says:

    i got 15 ounces of silver from them for a good price

  16. whitethronebooks says:

    Why was the Paypal option removed from your website? Now I can’t purchase from you.

  17. frontier1701 says:

    I love these people!!!! Dead serious…. they are the best in the biz…