Lets discuss Silver Kilo coins | Silver Unboxing

Lets discuss Silver Kilo coins

I promised WHMmetals a while ago, that I would do this video. Today seemed like a good day to have a little fun with it.
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25 Responses to Lets discuss Silver Kilo coins

  1. silverfish VT says:

    He is up to a little over 60 ounces of silver, and we just counted his pre 82 pennies, and he has 1367. He wants to hit 2000 pre 82 pennies by the end of the year. He has been slacking a little on silver for the last few months.

  2. Samurai Silver says:

    Does your son buy a decent amount of silver?

  3. MrSilverManx says:

    Great coin!

  4. billp4 says:

    I just bought a rabbit for 700 on provident.

  5. billp4 says:

    Yeah, it’s like a good thing to get into after you have a good stack set.

  6. tyrone37 says:

    just got my first kilo in the mail. its awesome. instantly became my favorite piece in my collection. 

  7. Ronbo710 says:

    I hear what you are saying but comparing them to the Silver Eagles is like apples to oranges IMHO. The is a much larger cross over demand for the Eagles in terms of liquidity. Don’t get me wrong I would LOVE to hold/own one of those babies :). But the biggest I have right now is a 10 ounce bar -Sunshine Minting. And until I hit 1000 ounces I am sticking to single OZ -ers. 

  8. 33commonsenseguy says:

    You should get an appropriate picture frame and display one in the house . Also, don’t forget the Mexican Kilo Libertad .

  9. Krogoth04 says:

    I’d think the same amount in mercury dimes would be more fun since you could pour them all over yourself and roll around in them. Just my opinion though.

  10. tebanjose says:

    You were right there is truly something special about holding a kilo coin in your hand. I just got one two days ago. You wont get it until you hold one in your hand. I’ve been stacking since 2010 and own many multiples of all sizes of the lunars.

  11. Travie Leh says:

    How do you test these kilo coins without damaging it? What if your buy a whole kilo of fake silver?

  12. WeAreTwoDoorsDown says:

    I have a somewhat similar buying goal as you. I’m going to *TRY* to get a Kilo Lunar series, and a Kilo Kookaburra every year. I say *TRY* because that’s a crap load of silver for me.

  13. majonesn says:

    You bastard, now want some of these kilo coins. I wanted to shift to another video…, but you are realle selling these mTF. Nice value talk mr 😉

  14. TheSilverSlacker says:

    I have now bought 4 Kilo coins from the Perth mint just because of this video and how awesome they look. Thanks again for introducing me to the great kilo coin Silverfish!

  15. ColdWarWarriors says:

    The 1KG coins are beautiful, but my question is could you ever sell them if the price was right? I would suggest you have an emotional attachment to the metals and be unable to sell them in a price spike.

  16. silverfish VT says:

    You could check Apmex,. Ive honestly never looked in to a Kilo gold coin.


    did you know that there are gold kilo coins ?

  18. TeenPreciousMetals says:

    True, instead of buying some gold soon, I’ve decided to pick up a kilo year of the snake.

  19. silverfish VT says:

    THe best is probably one ounce for liquidity, BUT, I love these Kilos for something different here and there.

  20. Ernesto Leon says:

    Best to buy 10 oz coins?

  21. macca2379 says:

    Precious metals are all measured in TROY OUNCES, which are different than todays normal ounces. 1kg= 32.15 Troy Oz, and 1kg= 35.27 normal Oz.

  22. DesMoisBoi says:

    I fell into my first kilo coin recently, have to say I didn’t like the first few that I had seen in person but the Panda (I mention on one of your other videos) is really growing on me and my plan to flip it immediately is becoming much harder to follow through on.

  23. 511porkchop says:

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  24. ralphg63 says:

    Great video, i got my Year of the Rabbit kilo in the mail from Provident. In 2011, I did spend the $2,600 on a 2006 Libertad kilo, mintage of 874 ! I may get that Snake kilo, while they last about $680 today. Hope silver has only crashed, not burned

  25. Curling12341 says:

    how small can silver coins get? Penny sized?