Johnson Matthey 5KG 999+ Silver Bar | Silver Unboxing

Johnson Matthey 5KG 999+ Silver Bar

Johnson Matthey 5KG 999+ Silver Bar 5kg contains 160.75 troy ounces of silver. It is a good way of purchasing silver with a low premium over the spot price.
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21 Responses to Johnson Matthey 5KG 999+ Silver Bar

  1. evilintheeast says:

    Ok, I want one!

  2. ozcopper says:

    Thanks, It is a nice bar 🙂

  3. cliffsearch says:

    WOW…How I did I miss this video. First close up on youtube of a big bar. Very impressive indeed. Great stuff.

  4. ozcopper says:

    Thanks 🙂

  5. Chubearishere says:

    I LOVE YOUTUBE! lol. Just thought “hey, wonder what a 5kg silver bar looks like. Uhm, I’ll utube it” & BAM! there it is. lol Thumbs up Mr Copper, thumbs up.

  6. ozcopper says:

    It really is!!!

  7. Silver Stack says:

    5kg of pure wealth

  8. shreder900 says:

    what is that worth ?

  9. ozcopper says:

    Thanks 🙂 No tax on silver here in Oz 🙂

  10. realsilvertalk says:

    That’s a beast! So much better than a 100 troy oz bar!
    Do you pay VAT on Silver in Aus? We do in the UK?
    Just to let you know I’ve put a link on my channel to your channel because I think your videos are really educational. Nice one.

  11. silver john says:

    i love silver bars

  12. samec1977 says:

    90% US gold is fake.

  13. Bazzbian says:

    holy batman shit! thats a big mother!

  14. ozcopper says:

    90% US silver is cool!

  15. silverexplosion says:

    Thats a cool bar. I’m a silver stacker also. I have most of my silver in 90% US dimes quarters halves and dollars

  16. highandwired says:

    Very nice although I like my silver is smaller pieces. 

  17. msa0709 says:

    Very nice!!! I like it a lot.

  18. TheSilverlover999 says:

    wow that’s very nice. 5 pieces of that bar is enough investment of Silver. you will get a almost a Thousand oz.

  19. ozcopper says:

    It came from a major and reputable bullion dealer.

  20. beachbumsocal says:

    Cool bar! How do you know if it’s not filled with lead? No offense. Just leery about buying a bar this big.