gainesville coins bought near the end of april | Silver Unboxing

gainesville coins bought near the end of april

bought these cions when silver was practically at all time highs.
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SD Bullion

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7 Responses to gainesville coins bought near the end of april

  1. xstini says:

    i’d still pay $55 for a grizzly

  2. SHINOBlKAGE says:

    @AgentThis99 nope. like i said, i would trade my parents for yours any day. hahahha…

  3. SHINOBlKAGE says:

    @AgentThis99 i have a bunch of miracle blade steak knives that my father stole from me to cut wood. but that is my only pocket knife.

  4. SHINOBlKAGE says:

    @AgentThis99 gerber brand, it was the cheapest, like 10 inflated dollars.

  5. SHINOBlKAGE says:

    @AgentThis99 thats what she said.

  6. SHINOBlKAGE says:

    yep. silver is probably the safest investment out there right now. way under valued, in 10 years, people will be so jealous we bought silver at such insanely cheap prices. i plan on getting some property as soon as i can, right now im trying to build up my credit score.  =)

  7. drewzillasaurusrex says:

    Stocks tank restaraunts shut down other businesses have to close down. The most valuable assets are talent and human relations. I am heavily invested in Silver. You have not made a mistake by buying Silver. Hold on and jump off when you hit a dollar amount in inventory that allows you to start some real venture. I buy on the way up and the ride down is much better. Nobody can call the top or bottom of a market. If they could they would be the richest man or woman in the world.