Coin Unboxing, from acon2698 | Silver Unboxing

Coin Unboxing, from acon2698

Coin Unboxing, from acon2698

Watch Live! as WE open the newest package arriving all the way from Ohio! With silver!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

SD Bullion

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13 Responses to Coin Unboxing, from acon2698

  1. MYGOLDCOIN101 says:

    I would have used a speed up on the length of the unboxing, but I don’t have a good editing system.

  2. sternumkick says:

    someday someone is going to lose an eye during a coin/silver unboxing

  3. richcali21 says:

    6 minutes of unwrapping geesh nice coins though but you keep dropping them on the floor open your coins over a soft rubber mat or something soft

  4. vtgelectronics says:

    very nice coins kyle!

  5. M.C. Coins says:

    Sweet coins! Whens the next Coins From Wendys? But I started a new channel and threw up a video today. It is of poor quality but I would appreciate your feedback.

  6. veritasfiles says:

    Wow, great coins! I’m still waiting for a new Coin Finds From Wendys. Good stuff!

  7. UnitedStatesOfClad says:

    Skip to 4:28

  8. Jose Aparicio says:

    Nice trade ….

  9. OchromaTree says:

    great package

  10. lanceoa says:

    good swap guys!

  11. greg williams says:

    Nice trade…loved the $5 fiat wrapping paper hahaha

  12. acon2698 says:

    I think I’ll try post a video including the coins we traded, and a few other new additions.