Provident Metals Unboxing | Silver Unboxing

Provident Metals Unboxing

A recently received package from Provident Metals.
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25 Responses to Provident Metals Unboxing

  1. texman81 says:

    As a Texas resident, I’d love to be purchasing from Provident BUT they have to add Texas sales tax to anything I buy, which makes them non-competitive compared to non-Texas bullion dealers. Texas gets sales tax on any bullion purchase under $1,000. Talk about penalizing the little guy. That changes October 1st when all bullion purchases will be sales tax-free. Can’t wait.

  2. javamanV3 says:

    Try reading *any* pm dealer’s fine print. They do this so if you lock in price and then price drops while you are waiting, you can’t just go cancel - none of them could stay in business for 1 day if they allow this. They make it expensive to do so. If you look closely it is a fair policy. This is a grown up business – if you click the “buy” button – you have bought.

  3. javamanV3 says:

    If you tell me how they can get their side of the story heard here – I might be willing to listen. I can see by your channel name that you may not be altogether unbiased 😉

    Good luck with this…

  4. javamanV3 says:

    I have done gold trading with them more than once and found them to be honest and helpful. Have you actually been injured by them?

  5. javamanV3 says:

    Thanks for the show – I have had several transactions with Provident in both directions – top notch all the way - good service – good inventory – good folks. No affiliation except happy customer.

  6. AK SilverNuggets says:

    Nice! I can’t wait to make my first order from them.

  7. mooddog07 says:

    were u get this evidence from sir?

  8. AmsterdamFire321 says:

    They’re completely sold out of 5oz bars. Only rounds left…and the ugly ones at that. Silver is HOT right now.

  9. hgffhgggg says:

    Get a 5oz bar

  10. providentmetals scam says:

    Another Lie from Provident Metals. I NEVER cancelled order. Even if you cancelled order, they cannot take your money if market goes down MONTH later. There is no such market loss when they never purchased upon your order. Just skip this brothers/family scamming business.

  11. ZeroTechSkilz says:

    Plus Provident shipping is half that of Apmex.

  12. MooseWithFleas says:

    This is if you CANCEL your order. They honor the price you locked in at at time of purchase. The difference fees occur if you cancel the order.

  13. joshua smith says:

    Provident Metals Scam
    Joshua Merrick MUGSHOT
    31 M 01-07-2012 Stearns County, MN

  14. joshua smith says:

    Provident Metals Scam
    Joshua Merrick MUGSHOT
    31 M 01-07-2012 Stearns County, MN

  15. joshua smith says:

    Provident Metals Scam
    Joshua Merrick MUGSHOT
    31 M 01-07-2012 Stearns County, MN

  16. joshua smith says:

    provident metal gold scam
    1. false market loss charge
    2. false market loss admin charge

    when they never purchased gold coins

    they wait several months until gold prices goes down, then grape your money

  17. sang joy says:

    A question for anybody with experience with Provident Metals. With Kitco sold out of all 1oz silver shipping to USA I was looking at Provident. Reading through their terms and conditions I read that if the market goes up, I’m responsible for the difference plus $35. If it goes down, they keep the profits.

    Does anybody have any experience with them on this matter?

  18. intuitionhorsesense says:

    I like Provident Metals. I also am glad they offer the American Open Currency Standard (AOCS) approved rounds. As a merchant, I have now begun accepting these silver and copper rounds for trade and barter for my goods. Trade/Barter with Real Money is far better than Federal Reserve Funny Munny. End the Fed!

  19. Hunkerbunker346 says:

    very nice order good choice going with that kookaburra coin I have one of those myself it’s my favorite round, I recently changed companies when I order my precious metals now I went from Apmex to Provident only because Apmex has a minimum checkout amount of 50 dollars or more and sometimes I don’t feel like spending over that plus they have copper bullion which I understand isn’t valuable but it’s affordable and to a collector like me it’s exciting just to own it in it’s pure form.

  20. David Neal says:

    My sincerest apologies to Provident Metals. The mistake was on my end and not theirs. After a heeping helping of crow, I must retract the statement above. I will continue to do business with Provident Metals. if they will allow me too. They are a fine company. Jeremy, to you my most heartfelt apology.

  21. David Neal says:

    I will see them in court

  22. David Neal says:

    Provident Metals is trying to rip me off for 2 – 2012 Year of the Dragon 10 oz silver bars. I purchased 5 bars but only three were delivered. When I called them they said there was nothing they could (read-would) do to investigate or correct this error. I have five witnesses that were present when I received the box and opened it. The box was completely intact and untampered. The tape job made it almost impossible to open without clear signs of tampering.

  23. ndrthrdr1 says:

    Provident Metals has treated me well. My orders are delivered quickly and prices are reasonable. Northwest Territorial Mint has also consistently provided good service.

  24. Bhaltazhar says:

    Provident is the way to go!

  25. ZeroTechSkilz says:

    – No worries :)

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