Provident Metals Pickups (2013) | Silver Unboxing

Provident Metals Pickups (2013)

I paid for these coins with metal detecting change (clad). A little disappointed with the round but the other are in excellent shape. Thanks to my subs. Keep…

SD Bullion

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19 Responses to Provident Metals Pickups (2013)

  1. mcrfuse says:

    that’s weird, I thought the 1/10 Indian head had a wheat cent back.

  2. loh1110 says:

    You know whats really not cool? Whenever i get a tube of 20 ASE, 2-3 come with a nasty scratch caused by the edge of a coin, 2-3 have a small scratch, and maybe 12-15 are in new condition.

  3. gregdiggermxt says:

    @E Trac Its a bullion round from golden state mint. The Design comes off the $2.50 gold piece. Its called the incuse Indian design. The others are silver also. Thanks for watching. HH

  4. E Trac says:

    are they silver? what is the one with the indian head?

  5. gold maple says:

    Good pickups

  6. METALGO4 says:

    I am like a Magpie I like the shiny stuff.

  7. mapleleafcoins says:

    I find alot of times with the generic rounds that are made at smaller mints aren’t made with the same quality as the big national mints. In part it is because they plan to sell them at bullion prices, not as collector coins, so they figure people would rather have a coin that is less expensive instead of flawless.

  8. Jose Aparicio says:

    nice addition to the stack bro….

  9. rocky315w says:

    somebody is going to come up with a better name then junk because that is a nice bullion piece you have.

  10. gregdiggermxt says:

    Thanks Man!!

  11. gregdiggermxt says:

    Im gonna keep it and pretend its a scar like u said lol. Thanks for watching

  12. gregdiggermxt says:

    Im gonna keep it like u said its a junk round. Lol Just glad it wasnt my koala or panda. Its not worth the crap sending it back. Thanks for watching Rocky

  13. gregdiggermxt says:

    I should but i think im gonna keep it. Its a junk round worth about three bucks. About the same as a silver dime. If it was the koala or panda i would cal them. Thanks for watching Jack

  14. gregdiggermxt says:

    Thanks Tommy

  15. diggingtreasure1 says:

    Nice silvers to add to your stack.

  16. TreasureJack says:

    When you contact them, refer them to your youtube video. I did that once with Garrett on an issue they were not wanting to fix and after viewing my review they immediately called me and asked me to take it down in exchange for what I was wanting lol

  17. rocky315w says:

    It is a generic bullion piece. the scratch doesn’t matter except to you, won’t make any difference selling.

  18. greg williams says:

    great additions to your stack – shame about the scratch – maybe its a scar hehe

  19. EpicRV says:

    sucks about scratch –but great pickups