My Reaction To Silver Crashing + Provident Metals Unboxing | Silver Unboxing

My Reaction To Silver Crashing + Provident Metals Unboxing

Welcome to my my newest video. With the way silver crashed and stressed everyone the “F” out, I think we all need to observe and learn from the way I reacted…
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20 Responses to My Reaction To Silver Crashing + Provident Metals Unboxing

  1. providentmetals scam says:

    Another Lie from Provident Metals. I NEVER cancelled order. Even if you cancelled order, they cannot take your money if market goes down MONTH later. There is no such market loss when they never purchased upon your order. Just skip this brothers/family scamming business. 

  2. BombShellInfo says:

    – Yep… mine too.

  3. anthcybo says:

    My reaction to a drop in silver prices “great, now I can afford to get more”

  4. IrixGuy says:

    great video! There is so much manipulation but it always feels great to buy more on the dips!

  5. waqasali03 says:

    wanna share?

  6. IrixGuy says:

    Cool video! Keep stacking physical and ignore the monthly flucuations.

  7. residentzombie says:

    If you never knew of Mike Maloney before watch this film. He does a good job at explaining why NOT to hold paper fiat Dollars. watch?v=E5VNAEmmBQM

  8. BombShellInfo says:

    – Damn 2000? Nice! When did you 1st start?

  9. BombShellInfo says:

    – Thanks! I appreciate it.

  10. ytgv3fc7 says:

    also re: manipulating the spot price. In my most recent videos and a while back actually you might notice the sudden drop indicated by my charts for the silver price. This entire drop down from 49.80 was detected more than 7 weeks in advance, day for day, by my charts. flickr photos – ht tp:// ht tp:// ht tp:// ht tp://
    don’t get surprised again! Use the charts, use the math & build your own charts just like this free

  11. ytgv3fc7 says:

    your video showed up as a video response to one of mine and someone else has a comment of that and right now it says you are using it as a response to a gerald celente video.

    I discovered in the end youtube will let you set your video as a reply only to one other video at a time. I got my inbox/msg 2 days ago. Mine is set to auto-approve if you set it back there one day

  12. pinegrove33 says:

    those are some beautiful pieces man!

  13. pinegrove33 says:

    I just tried to approve this as a vid response and it’s not in my inbox. Can you resubmit?

  14. goldstockbull says:

    Nice video and music. You nailed it. Every dip in the past decade has proven to be an excellent buying opportunity and that will continue until silver is at a minimum of $150 and likely much higher. Peace.

  15. davincij15 says:

    Just thank JPM for the discount and buy. it’s going lower but keep buying in the end you will be victorious!

  16. Perseus Nimrod says:

    Good video and good advice. You may want to check the price right now as it’s just crashed lower than last time. I for sure won’t be selling any of mine, but i will be buying 🙂

  17. tomnguyen0820 says:

    You post it on the 10th of May, and the next day it’s crash again.

  18. JezebelDecibel says:

    It’s a long term Bull Market & the smart thing to do is buy on the dips.
    But more important to understand is that psychical silver is an under-valued recourse in a technological age along with being a safer storage of saving in a global fiat currency death cycle. Smart move, I have done the same 🙂

  19. BombShellInfo says:

    – I agree. All we can do is keep beating the drum. We really are in unchartered waters at this point. I think people are scared. I believe this is all orchestrated to get people to panic and sell off what they have.

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