My March Apmex Unboxing and PMH update | Silver Unboxing

My March Apmex Unboxing and PMH update

My first order from Apmex – super fast shipping highly recommend. Ordered Feb 13, sent cheque. Payment received the 21st. sent out the 28th received the next…
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21 Responses to My March Apmex Unboxing and PMH update

  1. Brian TheLog says:

    great stuff man I love to see coin unboxings!! check out my channel and sub!

  2. SilverCoinNews says:

    wow that is ridiculous about PMH, especially the part about distributing addresses and order amounts.

  3. canadiansilvervein says:

    ill look into them but im a little sketchy dealing with small company’s now. In this business it seems too easy to rip people off. (give all your stock to a friend, claim bankruptcy) get your friend to sell for cash. bam just made 600k

  4. canadiansilvervein says:

    Thanks man, you know i like em big.. lol….. im straight

  5. lanceoa says:

    Seriously large coins! Nice order

  6. canadiansilvervein says:

    yeah its annoying but it was technically the bankruptcy agent who sent out everyones personal info

  7. canadiansilvervein says:

    thanks, yeah might call maybe get 5 bucks off next order or something. im not stressing about it just dont understand how it would grade so high with that scratch

  8. canadiansilvervein says:

    apmex and silver gold bull seem to be the way to go eh… =)

  9. Adam C says:

    Great silver unboxing. Man that P.M.H situation upsets me just hearing about it. They should know better to give peoples details out like that. Isn’t that against the law? I know it is over here in the U.K especially if you have told the company you don’t want them to give out your details. Good luck trying to get it sorted with them.

  10. joshua ralston says:

    Great video . I hope you get somthing back from pmh. Take a look at toronto gold bull. That libertad is sweet i got get one . Thanks for sharing and keep stackin

  11. Jose Aparicio says:

    Nice pick ups.. I love that 5oz Libertad.. amazing.. You should call them back about that PCGS slabbed american eagle, thats a big scratch on it, that sucks i wouldnt be happy with that, good luck with it

  12. canadiansilvervein says:

    I completely agree. i didnt state it but feel i should it was the bankrupt firm who actually released all the addys. should get something back…. might have to hire a lawyer to fill out this paperwork tho haha jk

  13. canadiansilvervein says:

    I have been thinking that, The bankrupt firm released them someone asked him he said it was standard procedure. But dumb because one guy in assets has his addy xxxxx out

  14. canadiansilvervein says:


  15. greg williams says:

    Nice additions :-)

  16. Pd Ballerina says:

    That 2012-W UNC is potentially going to become a key date coin. Keep an eye on the final mintage totals.

  17. beachbumsocal says:

    Oi! PMH=very bad. 🙁 I thank you for sharing. As for the others names and amounts shown, that is an invasoon of privacy?

  18. EpicRV says:

    I just picked my up my first slabbed coin from APMEX as well. Great additions to the stack brother. Hopefully all that stuff gets worked out with PMH.

  19. auag4me says:

    thankyou for the PMH update hope you get back whats coming to you…… those libertads being canadian also i may have to check out apmex also, tc

  20. OntarioDiggers says:

    Nice coins you have there. I’m so tempted to order from APMEX but the shipping and exchange is a killer. If I lived in the states I wouldnt have any money left thats for sure. As for PMH, thats pretty ridiculous to be sending out everyone’s address like that. I can understand they have to release the numbers and such but you would think they could have gone about it differently like Customer #1 is owed X and Customer #2 is owed Y…Anyways good luck hopefully you get something back at least.