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Junk Silver Unboxing #3

4 Responses to Junk Silver Unboxing #3

  1. Metal4Detecting says:

    Great video brother. As a stacker i like all things silver or gold. As a coin collector i see much more value in the older coins than just there silver weight. Either way i liked what i saw . I would love to get some old 50 Cent pieces The king George v . 50 cent coins are awesome. Best wishes and happy stacking . New subscriber here.

  2. coinsandguitar says:

    Yeah I have some junk silver too, That are from 1919 and 1872 H 50c and 25c nice video

  3. silvermad1 says:

    nice junk silver mate

  4. rocky315w says:

    Love 50 cent pieces I just bought 100 US ones about 5 cents over spot. thanks for the video