Gainsville coins unboxing | Silver Unboxing

Gainsville coins unboxing

Unboxing silver and gold from Gainsville Coins.

SD Bullion

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11 Responses to Gainsville coins unboxing

  1. 1610spartan says:

    Hey i am very interested in buying any gold bard coins or rings you have or any diamonds. Please email me at for me to make you a serious offer! Cheers mate

  2. lagoveride says:

    I just ordered a 1oz gold bar from them looks like its going to take 9 days to ship. Check out my channel, comment, and subscribe. I am doing a free bullion giveaway contest soon. Thanks.

  3. sonoflongbeard says:

    If the items are in stock they usually show up in a week or two. They usually make you aware if something has a long lead time.

  4. loczster says:

    how long did the delivery take from the checkout to the door??

    Great vid

  5. rei9707 says:

    Sweet, I was wondering how large the bars were.

  6. Bigl8317 says:

    Close ups of the silver would have been nice.

  7. sonoflongbeard says:

    I have no concerns with their quality. I have bought from them several times, and have friends that buy from them as well. They are only second to my local coin shop.

  8. bigalers says:

    i didnt think you would reply to me cool vid by the way I am planning on buying a substaintial amount of metals with this company have you ever had any doubt of low quality or lead centering? with your purchase

  9. sonoflongbeard says:

    That’s great, because he is my hero. 😉

  10. bigalers says:

    haha you sound like danny mcBride