Gainesville Coins Unboxing, Review & Opinions | Silver Unboxing

Gainesville Coins Unboxing, Review & Opinions

Many people have been saying very positive things about Gainesville Coins (, so I decided to check them out. The order process was v…

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7 Responses to Gainesville Coins Unboxing, Review & Opinions

  1. IrixGuy says:

    Wow! Interesting read! Thanks again for sharing. Although I had no problems with my order from Gainesville and the pricing was fair, this will definitely make me think twice when I order more bullion.

  2. IrixGuy says:

    Wow, thanks for the heads up! I’ve only ordered from them once. I use APMEX and Provident most of the time. They’ve got a good rating from the Better Business Bureau though?

  3. James Workman says:

    Gainnesville Coin is a New Business the same or old business name was “National Gold Exchange” People Lost $10’s of Millions of Hard Earned Dollars with the SCAM Artists at Gainesville Coins!

  4. James Workman says:

    “National Gold Exchange” Google that.. as well Gainsville Coin is NOT! Direct to the Mint so you will be paying them the Middle Man Fees! WAKE UP!

  5. ExquisiteRainImports says:

    Your knife has rust mine still has deer blood dried on it

  6. IrixGuy says:

    Excellent! Feel free to check out my other coin and bullion videos too! I’ve got a playlist link within the video description =) Thanks for watching!