APMEX 1 ounce Morgan Head Silver Bar | Silver Unboxing

APMEX 1 ounce Morgan Head Silver Bar

just a more in depth video of the morgan head 1 ounce bar, thanks for watching and subscribe, ILL RETURN THE FAVOR!

SD Bullion

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9 Responses to APMEX 1 ounce Morgan Head Silver Bar

  1. rocky315w says:

    at times APMEX has sales get on their mailing list and when ever they have a sale you’ll get information.

  2. Daniel P says:

    where can you get it at only 99 cents over spot? i’d like to know.

  3. mcrfuse says:

    provident metals is better

  4. peachn8a says:

    0:50 thats what she said

  5. Preperinthesouth says:

    It probably wouldn’t be good in the long run if you open it but when you do take it of it scratches more easily

  6. TheSilverAgeHasCome says:

    Take it out and enjoy it, it a silver bar you can always clean it without loosing it’s value, if it was a government issued coin i would say protect it . Trust me on this, i search and collect this shit for 4 years.

  7. silverbullionboy says:

    Hey thanks, from what ive heard its better to leave it in the seal, thanks for the comment man!!

  8. silverbullionboy says:

    thanks man, good to know what to do, ill keep looking for something local, Thanks again!

  9. rocky315w says:

    No leave it in always if they are selaed at the mint they should be left in. Plus your probably best off not buying Apmex unless you get enough to help with the shipping. You could probably do better at a shop. I only buy when they have a 99 cents over spot sale and when i buy at least 20 oz to keep cost per oz down on the shipping. but you doing fine any questions please ask. Rocky