American Silver Eagle Tube Unboxing 1080HD! | Silver Unboxing

American Silver Eagle Tube Unboxing 1080HD!

I unbox a tube of American silver eagles from

SD Bullion

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21 Responses to American Silver Eagle Tube Unboxing 1080HD!

  1. TMHonfire102 says:

    how long did it take for them to ship the order?

  2. somzok says:

    maybe you should try also Precious Metal House they are the only Perth Mint, Mexican mint and Scottsdale Silver authorized dealers in Canada. Also they have the best prices and products in my opinion.

  3. TheRocketExectutives says:

    how do i make them shiny again

  4. colcol83ful says:

    Your video would have been far more useful if you had flipped the coin on camera. One likes to see if Lady Liberty is correctly aligned with the reverse side.

  5. lifelessperson1993 says:

    Personally I don’t like casings for gold & silver coins, I prefer tubes of them for storage… I’ll even buy them without the cases if that’s an option…

  6. lifelessperson1993 says:

    Your parents were tricked just like you, don’t blame them for not teaching you something they didn’t even know…

  7. WildRoseCountryGirl says:

    silver gold bull is the only place I order from, plus it’s just over 2 hours away from me so shipping is super fast. I love the way they secure the box so you know if it has been messed with… nice vid.

  8. Keemm89 says:

    typical people who uses gloves touching sealed silver

  9. Keemm89 says:

    wow… I will miss those days when silver was $18… I wasn’t even introduced to the idea of buying silver back then… I blame my parents for my misfortune..

  10. BullionData says:

    How exciting!!!

  11. Tr1ckySureShot says:

    My silver loves touching me ;3 im not fancy pantsy

  12. SuperSilverdream says:

    What an awesome coins you got there. Please also check out my collection of 10kg silver lunar coins and 10oz gold dragon! Cheers!

  13. optical76 says:

    if you balance the coin on the tip of your finger and ding it with another coin it should ring out like a bell for a few seconds. thats a good way to tell if its real silver. if it sounds flat, its a fake.

  14. optical76 says:

    sweet! i bet you wish you bought a few monster boxes of those coins back then. hahaha do you remember how long it took to ship? im in the chicago area. wonder if they ship to the us?

  15. RyanB0011 says:

    Silver is silver, and people will buy them no matter what the condition usually. Just a preference.

  16. Sunny Dhami says:

    why are people so anal about touching the coins? I have tubes of maples and eagles and I treat em like coins. Does it affect the value if you touch em?

  17. zig man says:

    how many rounds does it come per a tube ? oh okey 20. did not know until i watched the complete video. sounded so expensive for the price you paid, but it does not matter in the end…. you can not determine the value against paper currency right ?

  18. hooverdog1957 says:

    When silver is 1000 an ounce it won’t mean squat whether they are tarnished, nicked, have fingerprints, are covered with crusty whatever.

  19. hooverdog1957 says:

    Wrong, not the case anymore. Just google it.

  20. Eddy Toronto says:

    Did you know Eagles can only be made with American Silver…

  21. Adam2Muhamad says:

    nice! , im getting em soon : )