A quick unboxing before the auction | Silver Unboxing

A quick unboxing before the auction

10th oz Walking Liberty Golden State Mint rounds from Silver Gold Bull.

SD Bullion

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11 Responses to A quick unboxing before the auction

  1. lowpross11 says:

    Oh, ok. That’s a great way to acquire equipment & especially SILVER !!
    NICE !

  2. morgan ritchie says:

    No, when a farmer gets old or dies he auctions off all his equipment and tools. Sometimes they do the household stuff to and that’s where I get silver for almost nothing =)

  3. lowpross11 says:

    Trying to figure out what you are doing. Does the Canadian government put farm land for auction?
    Thanks & nice buy!

  4. rocky315w says:

    I have a friend from Vancouver that works in the oil sands of Alberta, Ft McMurry, his name is Harley Slade and is about your age I guess early 20.s and going to school to be a geologist but needs money so working the fields. His Skype is Harley slade and utube is “shutupandknap” you might want to check him out. thanks for your reply. Rocky

  5. morgan ritchie says:

    I’m from Alberta north of Grande Prairie. There are tons of farm auctions here and no one has a clue what silver is lol

  6. rocky315w says:

    Did they let you in the auction if you didn’t drive a truck there. What part of Canada are you from. Have knowledgeable coin friend in Saskatoon, Jared19962212 doesn’t have videos but he skypes under Jared welsh. I just sent this video to him.

  7. ortegablue says:

    I will figure out how to do this…if not this time then sometime soon 🙂

  8. morgan ritchie says:

    Awesome!! Is the art auction online???

  9. ortegablue says:

    Like your video with the sound effects and all…cute coins! I am having a cat art auction on Monday 🙂

  10. greg williams says:

    nice haul of fractionals – i havent seen the walking liberty ones yet – kind of limited to what we see here in Australia, I been thinking of getting some 1/10oz myself, I have my eye on the scottsdale 1/10 rounds, the premium is a little hefty (3.70) but i guess its worth it.
    Keep stackin 🙂

  11. Silver Stackz says:

    Nice video bro keep stacking (good luck at auction)