5 oz Silver Hawaii Volcanoes -Unboxing – APMEX | Silver Unboxing

5 oz Silver Hawaii Volcanoes -Unboxing – APMEX

I unbox a 5 oz American the beautifull Hawaii Volcanoe coin from APMEX, This is a big coin and very nice.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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12 Responses to 5 oz Silver Hawaii Volcanoes -Unboxing – APMEX

  1. FTIdeas says:

    here’s a tip, you know the Coinstar machines,, check the discard slot, it will spit out silver coins because they are not the right weight, people have found silver coins just sitting there,,, id start at walmart. 🙂

  2. dmatthews778 says:

    Can you post a video of someone trying to stick that in a vending machine in a Walmart or something?? Lol please. I’m sure 99.99 (ohhhhh FOUR 9’s) percent of people in a Walmart wouldn’t know wtf it was. That would be funny to watch

  3. Michael Woodland says:

    can you spend it?

  4. ZeroTechSkilz says:

    Same here. Spicing it up keeps me stacking :o)

  5. FTIdeas says:

    i like to mix it up , between junk silver and some collectible stuff,,, keeps it interesting

  6. FTIdeas says:

    i like the 5 oz, they are about 30 bucks over spot, but the graded ones are close to 300 apeice

  7. FTIdeas says:

    i love it thanks

  8. FTIdeas says:

    yea, its big and awsome

  9. Irishsilverstack says:

    cool, i love the design and its a hefty size.

  10. silverfish VT says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  11. lanceoa says:

    Great big ass quarter! I think I might spend my $1k on 5 ouncers- taku, Libertad and some others

  12. coins rus says:

    nice i have been reading coinage and they have a three page story on the state quarters and these 5 oz coins

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