Vid #31 Silver Bullion Unboxing + Farewell To The Penny | Silver Unboxing

Vid #31 Silver Bullion Unboxing + Farewell To The Penny

I received a package from Colonial Acres Coins in the mail today. Not a huge unboxing with 6 ounces of Australian Lunar Series silver and a couple of “Farewe…
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25 Responses to Vid #31 Silver Bullion Unboxing + Farewell To The Penny

  1. silver john says:

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    if only 2 million people on planet earth bought 250 oz silver silver would be 1-10 with gold in just a few years if gold is at just say when to $8000-12000 per oz by then an oz of silver should be $800-$1200 so $30 on an oz of silver is a bargin

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  2. greatwhitenorthvids says:

    I’ve been dealing with them for around a year. I haven’t had any problems with them to speak of. They seem to take around a week to ship orders out if you just use the basic shipping option (but do offer a priority option for more $). I really like that they accept cc/paypal with no extra fees on smaller orders but not on large bullion orders. Also they are more of a coin shop than a pure bullion dealer. A good source if you want to combine some mint products with bullion.

  3. frankenstoner says:

    sweet vids to all ya’ll. I’m an SS member. I’m a Super Stacker.

  4. frankenstoner says:


  5. BCDealFinder says:

    Hi, thanks for the video. I found out that Colonial Acres Coins Ltd. is not BBB Accredited. How long have they been around for? Are they trustworthy? Also noticed they don’t charge extra fees for using credit cards – please share your own experience with this company. Thank you!

  6. CrushingSteve says:

    I just got my own roll of pennies today in the mail from the mint! Took three weeks from the mint! 😛

  7. greatwhitenorthvids says:

    I see a 1/2 kilo for the tiger but had a quick look and can’t seem to find a 1/2 kilo for the rabbit forward. But I didn’t spend a whole lot of time searching.

  8. Silver Stacker says:

    Actually there’s a half kilo as well.

  9. greatwhitenorthvids says:

    Oh… now that would be something….droooool 😉

  10. Silver Stacker says:

    Need to get a 10kg coin too to complete the set

  11. veritasfiles says:

    Those pennies will probably be a good numismatic investment anyway. Love the Silver coins. That Lunar series is stunning. I must admit, but I’ll probably never see those in my hands.

  12. greatwhitenorthvids says:

    Oh those kilos keep calling ;-)

  13. Jose Aparicio says:

    great addition to your stack bro… i just started adding a few of the 1/2oz perth mint coins also… I did not have any… thanks for sharing

  14. TheM3Silver says:

    Really nice order. The Dragon and the Snake is some of my favourite coins. I have the kilo of those coins but not the other sizes. Great video! 🙂

  15. Tonic Lime says:

    The Lunar’s are classic. Nice.

  16. Stack Silverson says:

    Dude. Two words for you: kilo coin. Gotta have one. Looks like you have plenty of funds.

  17. yttst01 says:

    Nice Perth Mint silver!

  18. greatwhitenorthvids says:

    Yeah I guess the marketing guys at the RCM know how to push my buttons 😉

  19. greatwhitenorthvids says:

    Thanks for watching!

  20. greatwhitenorthvids says:

    Thanks Greg!

  21. greatwhitenorthvids says:

    Thanks – they are some of my current favorites as well.

  22. greatwhitenorthvids says:

    Thanks for watching. I find them especially good for smaller orders – see my reply to Nick540.

  23. greg williams says:

    Nice penny rolls, – love the lunar series 🙂

  24. greatwhitenorthvids says:

    Yeah the RCM marketing dept did a good job on me I guess 😉

  25. greatwhitenorthvids says:

    Yeah – that’s my plan as well – I may just have to break down and order a kilo snake at some point as well 😉