Unboxing 20 Troy Oz’s of 999 Fine Silver | Silver Unboxing

Unboxing 20 Troy Oz’s of 999 Fine Silver

2nd unboxing, My first “large bars”. Check out my other videos for tips and to see more silver. Thanks for watching and enjoy.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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25 Responses to Unboxing 20 Troy Oz’s of 999 Fine Silver

  1. Glparks1979 says:

    Great video! Jealous of your bars lol. Keep it up!

  2. Hensan34 says:

    I buy from Silvertowne in the last 3 months. 10oz a month. And I am going to keep up the same pace every month for as long as I got extra cash to trade for silver…you can’t beat the free shipping either.

  3. GreenUrbanProject says:

    Nice video, I like bars also

  4. tpntch07 says:


  5. tpntch07 says:

    Great looking bars! How are the condition of them? Did any of your bars had scratches or dings? Thanks for

  6. Chris Pritchard says:

    Hey Michael, thanks for sharing. My ears perked up when you mentioned passing the silver down to your kids. I have kids as well, and would like to pass a lot more than silver to them 🙂 Check out the wealth cycles concept from Mike Maloney. He talks about building much greater wealth this way.

  7. Michael Silver Stacker says:

    Very true, I like to think of it as exchanging money, not spending. Thanks for watching!

  8. theDoubleA1245 says:

    I don’t think you are blowing your money. If you buy an ounce for $30, technically you still have the $30, if not more, just in the form of silver.

  9. Michael Silver Stacker says:

    Thank you for your comment. Thanks for watching and keep stacking!

  10. LetsgetphysicalAg says:

    @Michael Silver Stacker AWESOME VIDEO BRO! Love to see another SMART person who diversifies his monopoly money into REAL CASH!! Great stuff! Keep stacking my friend!

  11. Michael Silver Stacker says:

    Thanks buddy!

  12. Michael Silver Stacker says:

    Thanks for watching buddy!

  13. Motorcity Stacker says:

    Great stacker video, I like your intro alot.
    Congrats on the large bars… Awesome

  14. silvermad1 says:

    really nice bars love those 10 oz bars man

  15. Michael Silver Stacker says:

    Yeah, I don’t like the thought of silver going to a crazy number and having anything larger than a 10 ounce bar so I believe this will be my limit. I definitely know a ton of guys who love to drink beer and dont get me wrong, I do every so often. But, through out college I had an athletic scholarship so drinking has never been a big thing for me. Thanks for watching buddy, I love your videos. Keep stacking.

  16. notanother prepper says:

    btw, at 23 you’re doing great! I was spending my money on beer at 23…wish I bought silver haha

  17. notanother prepper says:

    I agree, I’ve got a couple 10 ounce bars, and only if I was very wealthy (which i’m not) would I invest in the 100 oz bars. I’m going to get a few more 10’s, and then it’s 1 oz for me

  18. notanother prepper says:

    those are thick 5 oz bars! very cool!

  19. Michael Silver Stacker says:

    I never thought of it that way “generational silver”. But, I love the term. I really would love my kids to pick up something like this a lot sooner than I did. It can be a great investment teacher and a hobby we can share. Thanks for watching buddy, I love all the junk silver your getting lately!

  20. Michael Silver Stacker says:

    I like the poured too, the poured are actually the same rice they just didn’t have free shipping so for cost I went with these. Thanks for watching.

  21. Michael Silver Stacker says:

    Thanks man, they are really nice for the price!

  22. Michael Silver Stacker says:

    I ordered from silvertowne(.com) they have great prices and a lot of items are free shipping. I actually heard about them from the owner of my local LCS. Thanks for watching.

  23. Alex Heinrich says:

    where did you order from

  24. nick540 says:

    Really like those Silvertown’s. Great video.

  25. greg williams says:

    oh - and i love unboxings, its very motivating :-)))