TFHGirl is Unboxing – German Junk Silver Third Reich 01 | Silver Unboxing

TFHGirl is Unboxing – German Junk Silver Third Reich 01

One of the six coins that were in regular circulation is still missing before I can do “A Guide to German Junk Silver Part 3” covering silver coins from the …

SD Bullion

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13 Responses to TFHGirl is Unboxing – German Junk Silver Third Reich 01


    Great Coins! I got 3 a couple years ago.

  2. HighDesertPioneer says:

    I think you should invest in a knife. Lol

  3. TinfoilHatGirl says:

    it is so kind of you, that you miss my voice, my darling <3 dont worry, it is just an unboxing. I was gathering all the different silver coins from Third Reich and will soon come up with a detailed video on all of them in "A Guide To German Junk Silver Part 3", so stay tuned 🙂

  4. EpicRV says:

    How come you don’t talk anymore??? I am trying to figure out what I am looking at — i dont recognize any of those coins.

  5. watcher8o says:

    Frustrating packaging?  hehe

  6. TinfoilHatGirl says:

    kindersicher verpackt und dann sind pööööhse Naaaahtsi Münzen drin :-D

  7. Lutz1973 says:

    Also das war wirklich mal witzig 😀

  8. ZyPhReX says:

    Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see Part 3 of the German Junk Silver series! 

  9. ACatal1 says:

    I remember those coins and I used to have them before when I bought them from coin shop. Thanks for sharing it!

  10. TinfoilHatGirl says:

    yes, they are good for stacking if you bring along a bit of patience to get a good deal on them!

  11. TinfoilHatGirl says:

    yes, had to cut out 30sec of frustrated trying :-D

  12. greg williams says:

    8^)) Very very nice – well done, had to lol when you were trying to get the 2nd one out, I was waiting for you to get the axe hehehe

  13. lowpross11 says:

    I have those.. Cool little part of history.
    Lucky to have one with very nice toning on the boarders of the church.
    Can get them at good prices too. Found mine on ebay.