SILVER: SilverTowne Order Unboxing | Silver Unboxing

SILVER: SilverTowne Order Unboxing

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  1. RevLiSdLloGmp says:

    There is free shipping for many items on their site.Just click on the free shipping Icon.
    I have ordered from them twice. Posted video Reviews. The 5oz bar is also real nice and chunky.

  2. BAT MAN says:

    I just bought 10oz and they still have free shipping

  3. NCnative82 says:

    I asked Silvertowne that exact question and they said the order will only ship for free if all the items in the order are marked with free shipping. If just one item is not marked as free shipping then you will need to pay at least $6 USD for shipping. I’m not sure if shipping outside of the U.S. will require additional shipping charges.

  4. joehervey84 says:

    Thanks I have a hand full of them.

  5. NCnative82 says:

    I just placed my first order with SilverTowne about an hour ago. It is my first time purchasing bars rather than coins. I ordered 2 1 oz. ingots and 2 plastic holders for them. I looked into APMEX bars but they were more expensive plus they didn’t offer free shipping like SilverTowne. I’m looking forward to getting them soon.

  6. NCnative82 says:

    It does not say “Troy Ounce” on the bars but in the description on their website it does state “1 Troy oz ingot custom minted in .999 fine silver at the SilverTowne Mint. Waffle pattern on reverse.” If you purchased these bars they will weigh one Troy ounce each.

  7. NCnative82 says:

    The ingots are 1 Troy ounce each.

  8. Ethan Allison says:

    Are those ounces or troy ounces??

  9. joehervey84 says:

    placed my first order with them today. i was unsure about there 1 oz bar. it does bot say troy oz. any one weigh one??

  10. Stephen Pitts says:

    You should try jmbullion website. they are cheaper than silver towne without free shipping. And if you use promo code JM3843, they will give you $10 off your first order of $300 or more.

  11. samtheman773 says:

    hahah. im 19, have a girlfriend, and am buying silver lol

  12. sternumkick says:

    when I was in my 20’s I searched for hot girls now at 37 and married I search for Silver unboxing and metal detecting finds… what’s happening?

  13. samtheman773 says:

    I have no clue! havent tried that yet. You should just email them and ask! thanks for watching! keep stacking

  14. TheM3Silver says:

    when you buy from SilverTown and buy something that is free shipping, dose the other silver/gold you buy also be free shipping? And can you buy from them if your not from the US? Awesome video 🙂

  15. samtheman773 says:

    awesome thanks for watching, keep stacking

  16. coins rus says:

    nice i just made a purchase two coins free shipping

  17. samtheman773 says:

    yup thats another bonus! Ill order mroe soon, thanks forwatching

  18. samtheman773 says:

    thanks for watching, keep stacking!

  19. greg williams says:

    wow – nice bars, i like the way they are all sealed like that – i only just started my stack in december so still learning as i go – thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  20. samtheman773 says:

    thanks for watching, keep stacking

  21. EpicRV says:

    Good stuff! Just started stacking silver myself — videos like this are great motivation!

  22. samtheman773 says:

    thanks alot!

  23. samtheman773 says:


  24. samtheman773 says:

    thanks for watching keep stacking

  25. samtheman773 says:

    thanks for watching and you too

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