SILVER: 20 Ounces – Cool 1974 Rounds | Silver Unboxing

SILVER: 20 Ounces – Cool 1974 Rounds

25 Responses to SILVER: 20 Ounces – Cool 1974 Rounds

  1. Travie Leh says:

    I guess he quit …

  2. RevLiSdLloGmp says:

    Where did you purchase these…thanks for sharing!

  3. papermoney54 says:

    did you get my pm, and new video soon?

  4. samtheman773 says:

    thanks for watching

  5. c0inb0y34 says:


  6. firechill says:

    yes sir

  7. samtheman773 says:

    theyre from the US, its all english, exacept on the back there are like 5 or 6 languages all saying ‘pure silver’ one of them is spanish
    thanks for watching

  8. samtheman773 says:

    theyre cool! thanks for watching

  9. samtheman773 says:

    oh yeah! thanks for watching

  10. samtheman773 says:

    haha yeah i know, thanks for watching

  11. samtheman773 says:

    thanks for watching

  12. samtheman773 says:

    think? i know EXACTLY… 😀 but thats classified, however im sure you could get a rough estimate with some detective work lol, thanks for watching

  13. samtheman773 says:

    i havent made my mind up yet, if ill do ill post a vid. thanks for watching

  14. samtheman773 says:

    thanks for watching

  15. samtheman773 says:

    yeah idk but they are cool. thanks for watching

  16. samtheman773 says:

    i guess, isnt that good?

  17. firechill says:

    jesus you have been buying like crazy lately

  18. veritasfiles says:

    Yeah, what is it with 1974? I’ve been buying 1974 Universal Trade silver rounds for the past couple of pay periods. I’m not complaining, but all of them are 1974. I didn’t think Silver got big until closer to 1980. Anyway, cool buy!

  19. beachbumsocal says:

    p.s. I wonder if you could get a premium for them as is…if you tried selling them on ebay.

  20. beachbumsocal says:

    very cool rounds! thank you for sharing!

  21. MrAbnormalt says:

    Nice! Silver is silver are you going to open them?

  22. MultiMike747 says:

    Sweet rounds! How many ounces do you think you have in total?

  23. vtgelectronics says:

    those are very cool!

  24. rocky315w says:

    I have a few of them and love them because they give you all the information you’d ever need to know about a 1 oz bullion.

  25. EpicRV says:

    20 ounces 40 year old silver always warrants a video!!!!