Silvertowne Silver Bars | Silver Unboxing

Silvertowne Silver Bars

Recent silvertowne purchase… Current stack up to 80 troy ounces…

SD Bullion

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25 Responses to Silvertowne Silver Bars

  1. jeremy1170bud says:

    I love silver towne!! I’ve only bought from them once but I was very pleased. All my buddies buy from them because they are the most reasonable no matter what the cost of silver is at that moment. I’m going to make a purchase from them myself soon.

  2. Vincent Lee says:

    Great buy

  3. Dan Baldwin says:

    Silvertowne is a first class operation. they been in business for a long time. some of their older bars and round even carry some nice premiums with them.

  4. Dan Baldwin says:

    provident metals are crooks. Had to file a complaint with the BBB in
    texas to get money back on a purchase they never delievered.

  5. tonkacaptain says:

    Thank you for the reply. I received my 1st Silvertowne delivery today. So far I have been impressed with every aspect of my purchase. This is my first online silver purchase (I have always purchased at a local shop). Have u ever sold any silver that u purchased from Silvertowne? I’m curious how my local coin shop may react, they have always discouraged me from buying silver online (understandable they want to sell me silver). Just curious about trying to sell it…

  6. Jason Wynn says:

    Thank u sir

  7. EmergencyGearReviews says:

    I have often thought about investing in silver but really never got around to it, after I saw your first video it finally gave me the nudge so im starting out small, 30oz every 6 months. I like the case idea.

  8. offthegridsurvival says:

    Thanks John… Its actually a good way to save, cash money in my house has legs and walks off… Silver actually takes a little effort to sell if I was going to sell it (which I’m not)… C’mon, you know you going to buy some! Hows the solar project going?

  9. WORRO01 says:

    From your last video, I went to Silvertowne, and I allllllmost picked up a few bars,, Dern you man!! hahaha,,,your flinging a silver craving on me here!!

    Great video Brother, good investment, and IM happy for you!

  10. offthegridsurvival says:

    They’ve been around for a long time… and are one of the most reputable companies in the silver industry.. I love em

  11. BigO4185 says:

    Monarch precious metals has better pricing

  12. tonkacaptain says:

    Thanks for posting this video along with your other videos. I checked out silvertowne’s web site, It almost seems to good to be true…… My local coin shop has no silver to sell, and hasn’t since the price dropped. Do you trust that this site is selling Fine silver that is .999? They have offers of free shipping, it just seems to ez….

  13. aoxtoxic says:

    I’m interested in starting to stack precious metals.. any advice? On what metal I should go for? Also not much money at the moment. Pls give me ur advice

  14. offthegridsurvival says:

    Thanks, I totally agree.. I’ll be buying more soon

  15. Adam C says:

    Great buy. The new eagle bars look great.

  16. offthegridsurvival says:

    Thanks, I’m probably going to diversify after I hit 100 ounces on the bars… after that, who knows what I’ll buy.. I just like the fact that I’m stacking and saving silver, Its addictive!

  17. veritasfiles says:

    How you store your bars is your business. Whether they tarnish or not, Silver is Silver. They will tarnish by reacting with the Sulfur in the local atmosphere, but there is not getting around that unless you just keep them in a vacuum seal container. Even in air-tights, given enough time, they will change their color. Keep them away from sun exposure and avoid handling. That should be enough to keep them in pretty good shape. Good stuff!

  18. veritasfiles says:

    As an aside, one of these days, you might think about making one purchase each year that’s amounts to a diversification in the forms in which you hold Silver. In other words, you might go out and see if you can purchase a few rolls of Mercury dimes or something else that is different than what you have. But always keep the main part of your purchases in stuff that you like. That’s an outstanding stack for as short a time as you’ve been stackin’.

  19. veritasfiles says:

    Fantastic purchase and fantastic timing! Keep stackin’ buddy! This is going to do you sooooo much good in the near future. Good stuff!

  20. offthegridsurvival says:

    Thank you sir… enjoyed watching yoursilver vids as well… keep it up and keep stackin!

  21. MrSilverup says:

    Congrats on 80 oz of AG

  22. MrSilverup says:

    Silvertowne is greattttt

  23. robertedgemont says:

    Thanks for the info on the airtight holders. I just received six for my rounds. I feel a lot better knowing they are better protected in the safe. I will look at silver town, I am using Provident Metals. Just some friendly info.

  24. yttst01 says:

    Awesome bars!

  25. offthegridsurvival says: