Silver unboxing of UBS kilo bar!!! | Silver Unboxing

Silver unboxing of UBS kilo bar!!!

8 Responses to Silver unboxing of UBS kilo bar!!!

  1. bradwmixon says:

    ohh ok, yea I was wondering about him he kind of just dropped off the map

  2. EpicRV says:

    nice kilo….really digging the 10 ounce scottsdale poured bars right now…might pick up a monarch kilo poured bar….GP deleted his account……not sure exactly why but he had hinted that he didn’t have alot of time to make videos and his wife hated it….

  3. mcrfuse says:

    your stack is awesome

  4. DANNYGZERO says:

    Hey buddy check my vid on the Argor Heraeus 250g silver bar

  5. Sheograthkiller says:

    That looks really tasty, I’m not sure weather to get this or the metalor kilo bar

  6. elvis presley says:

    Nice bar!

  7. bradwmixon says:

    Yea but I got mine before he started selling them in the boxes

  8. Emi J says:

    Nice! Did you buy them off eBay? Was watching some auctions over at the States selling these silver bars in a mahogany case just like that.