Silver Kilo Snake Unboxing; And More Silver Coins! | Silver Unboxing

Silver Kilo Snake Unboxing; And More Silver Coins! is coming soon, but for now, check us out on Trillion Dollar Media! **Silver is CRA…
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9 Responses to Silver Kilo Snake Unboxing; And More Silver Coins!

  1. bobbyred says:

    Beautiful 1 Kilo Silver Snake Coin, I live them..Keep stacking..

  2. SilverStackerHD says:

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. SilverStackerHD says:

    I extended myself a bit on this one. But I usually go for big loads this size online; otherwise I will stop by the local coin shop for a few very small pieces. I was thinking about how nice the complete set of these Australian Snakes would be.

  4. SilverStackerHD says:

    Thanks for the comment! Come back to hear the jazz and see these coins in HD 🙂

  5. SilverStackerHD says:

    Thanks greg! The kilo snake seems oddly heavy for the size compared to other coins I have.. Maybe I need to get a kilo gold for comparison.. Haha, I wish!

  6. Jose Aparicio says:

    Very nice pick bro…

  7. Silver Rado says:

    I hope to get the kilo snake to complete the series

  8. BusinessmanBandit says:

    That Is Amazing Looking, Good Video !

  9. greg williams says:

    Great stuff – every stack needs a kilo imo – havent seen the ron paul one yet and those snake rounds look awesome – looking forward to seeing the HD’s 😛