Silver Bullion Bar and Gold Bullion Bar Unboxing | Silver Unboxing

Silver Bullion Bar and Gold Bullion Bar Unboxing

Silver Bullion Bar and Gold Bullion Bar Unboxing

Gold Bars and Silver bar.
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SD Bullion

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18 Responses to Silver Bullion Bar and Gold Bullion Bar Unboxing

  1. needler267 says:

    Paper trails mean nothing. You can do all your orders online etc. The government isn’t coming for your gold too many people with gold fever buried their gold. Not even a metal detector would find it,

  2. Michaeljudoka1 says:

    Have a 10g gold credit suisse on the way!!!!

  3. statisticool says:

    Nice, I like how the 1g pieces look/feel myself

  4. daobesebeast says:

    Silver won’t even reach $50 dollars an ounce at all in 2013! Period. And yes I put my money where my mouth is! Any silver bug that wants to take me up just let me know? $100 dollar bet! I’ll bet anyone. Put your money where your mouth is silverbugs!

  5. igoldsilverplatinum says:

    Nice collection there!!

  6. silverfish VT says:

    Nice mix of fractional Gold and Silver, really beautiful. 

  7. lowpross11 says:

    Great stuff! Subbed ya back!

  8. sanpedrosilver says:

    Thanks for sharing! Good stuff !!


  9. lagoveride says:

    ahh yes this is the problem when it comes to paper trails. on the one hand smaller amounts are good because like you said they are easier to sell. On the other hand a larger piece is cheaper overall in terms of the premium you pay over spot. I think its a good thing to have a mix of both large and smaller sizes when it comes to gold. In terms of silver I see no reason to buy anything less than 1oz sizes because the premium over spot for the smaller ones is crazy.

  10. veritasfiles says:

    You do pay higher premiums for smaller gold amounts, but they are MUCH easier to liquidate when the time comes. Not only that, but currently, they produce less paper work for you and the buyer.

  11. greg williams says:

    Love those little goldies – great vid thanks 🙂

  12. lagoveride says:

    Thank you for your support!.

  13. lagoveride says:

    haha. yea I noticed that. Although they are really small I like the statue of Liberty Design. I would say though that the Lady Fortuna on the Pamp bars are my favorite! so classic. I think because Gold is a much more dense metal that you really need a half oz. to 1oz to really fully enjoy its luster on a coin or bar. but thats just my opinion. Thanks for your comment. I should hopefully have my next gold unboxing soon. stay tuned.

  14. EpicRV says:

    great stuff and great advice — thanks for sharing

  15. lagoveride says:

    Thank you. :)

  16. ECTreasureHunters says:

    Geat video and even better investment.

    -=The Twins=-

    Bill and Bob

  17. lagoveride says:

    Thanks! I will try and keep the video’s flowing. Stay tuned for more.

  18. TheM3Silver says:

    Awesome video man!