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More Junk Silver Unboxing – Half Dollars

Unboxing some Canadian $ .50 silver coins. Some really nice toning on some of them.

SD Bullion

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7 Responses to More Junk Silver Unboxing – Half Dollars

  1. danish2gilani says:

    How much did u buy all of them at $?

  2. brucebannerman says:

    I would like to buy the 1965 50 cent piece that you were holding at 1:25. I have a Canadian Dollar that year and want to get the quarter and dime too. Would you consider selling it if you still have it?

  3. jeffcomeau says:

    I think the toning comes from the formation of silver sulfide. 

  4. PRESTONDAWS says:

    Nope, I didn’t get this from a bank, you have to find a seller of silver. Look for coin dealers or jewlery stores that buy gold and silver, they usually sell it too.

    What you are talking about is coin roll hunting, I’ve never tried it but I think its alot of work for a little reward, guess you could get lucky.

  5. TheYB1988 says:

    Hey buddy do you just go to the bank and ask for “junk silver” ?? or do you ask for half dollars ?
    And can you find these in any bank like TD, RBC, Scotia or is there a special one you go to ?
    also do you have any advice for someone who wants to start junk silver hunting ?
    Thanks a lot!

  6. okpapereat says:

    it looks kinda raised

  7. okpapereat says:

    keep the darks ones, toning are numismatic coins and they bring more due to the protective black corrosion. It has to do with air and moisture this make silver go tarnish blackish and yea it brings few bucks with it to. There are people who purposely artificially tone them by leaving it in environment where silver can corrode to black. The term cameo has to do with the figure the look on the surface of the coin, where the background of the coin is nice mirror like and the figure you can see