Goldmart – Order unboxing | Silver Unboxing

Goldmart – Order unboxing

I read there were problems with orders being filled by Goldmart, so I made this video to cover my ass.

SD Bullion

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3 Responses to Goldmart – Order unboxing

  1. Dean Timmer says:

    Wow. So did you tell them about your extra coin? What did they tell you to do?

    I was thinking about purchasing from Goldmart tomorrow. Who do you like instead? Goldsilver? Apmex? Thanks. . .

  2. Al C says:

    well that lowered your buyin price… I used to work at a few stors in the 80’s was able to save a lot of silver coins.. Went through all them and found that I had a 1903 s barber with no wear that i ended up selling for $400 about 5 years ago.. If i still had it today i could get close to $1,500 for it.. Keep stacking

  3. hotneo7 says:

    Free Panda what? Why didn’t I get one?