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Dealers I’ve tried out They are OK I would need to do more business with them to give a good review. perfect if you want…
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SD Bullion

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25 Responses to Dealers I’ve tried out

  1. mirtioo says:

    yes shipping are slow and not cheap over price , better buy from USA delers $ save

  2. Whitehead221 says:

    Silver Gold Bull: Had a failed transaction where their credit card purchase system didn’t work. Then they followed up with an email saying: we’ll be happy to help with the order, please phone us back. When I phoned they tried to blame the glitch on me and wasted my time. Don’t shop SGB. Precious Metals House, while takes longer, is cheaper and service is far better.

  3. davincij15 says:

    I know I have tried them out just recently.

  4. somzok says:

    Cache Metals the best prices? Do you know Precious Metal House? They are in Toronto too…

  5. davincij15 says:

    Any dealer you can buy from will most likely buy it it back from you. But you would get a better price selling it to someone on your own.

  6. Keemm89 says:

    Has anyone here tried selling their PM? where is the best place to do so?

  7. leanlifter1 says:

    I like the shiny !

  8. yup5220 says:

    @HistoryReparte no irs in canada lol

  9. davincij15 says:

    I did not sell any silver or gold but I did give a lot away as gifts and lost some gambling here and there. ;)

  10. davincij15 says:

    I’m not that paranoid yet. ;)

  11. ramocs land says:

    Cache Metal wants $50 for shipping

  12. AlexNOSAM says:

    Very good video man!

  13. bluehorse888 says:

    I know how you feel. But I’m keeping my silver. Im not looking at it so much as an investment, but more of an insurance policy. If you’re going to sell, I would at least keep some, in case the SHTF.

  14. kylextown24 says:

    don’t be stupid

  15. kylextown24 says:

    I’ve found a company that lets me buy gold and silver at wholesale

  16. zig man says:

    I wonder if now is the time to sell instead of time to buy ? Everybody seems to be waking up to it and buying… $45/oz now.

  17. drutter says:

    Cache Metals, cool! Thanks for that info Davinci and thanks for your business.

  18. Zwikster says:

    Drutter’s site is pretty good if your buying small amounts, but not over 100 oz..
    Border Gold has pretty good prices and ships expresspost, UPS or FedEx (cant remember)the same or next day after payment received. J&M Jewelery in Vancouver is pretty good too. They have a really nice large store front. Ordering directly from First Majestic is the cheapest in Canada by far. Plus, if you live in Vancouver you can save on shipping if you go and pick it up yourself!

  19. principles101 says:

    Anyone have any experience with europac Peter Schiff’s precious metals. I know his minimum for gold is 10 ounces, but wondering if his pricing is ok? He also encourages bullion purchases.

  20. principles101 says:

    Ron Paul for President!

  21. 1TruPatriot says:

    Trump For President 2012?

  22. DeeHong says:

    Thank so much for the Cashe Metals!!! I live in Toronto and i had no idea this existed!!! Amazing!

  23. van1976 says:

    I’ve compared a few shops and I have had several great transactions with ProvidentMetals. Good selection of different items and can buy small quantities. Ship is $8.95 for orders under $500. I had a recent order for $2000 and ship was only $11.95 Save by using a check (3% on Credit cards). I bought a 2011 MS70 Eagle for $96, APMEX and other had it for $119. Ck ’em out.

  24. van1976 says:

    Provident Metals– 2 thumbs UP

  25. 73cupcake says:

    Are you referring to border gold? (out of maples until July)