90 percent US Silver Coin Unboxing | Silver Unboxing

90 percent US Silver Coin Unboxing

Silver unboxing of two packages from eBay. One is 90% silver quarters, and one is 90% silver US half dollars.
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21 Responses to 90 percent US Silver Coin Unboxing

  1. skaterwatchboy says:

    Junk silver is d best as u can buy em for spot or a little higher. Whereas eg, rounds ill hv to pay pretty much more Dan d price of junk silver so why buy rounds if dee more expensive.??:) junk silver is still silver

  2. JuDGEm3nT11 says:

    Thank you sir… Look forward to more viids

  3. Bigstackmcgee says:

    Fantastic to get a whole Franklin roll for under spot value -congrats!

  4. scott kozma says:

    Nice video… Im i big fan of junk silver. I was buying bars and rounds for a while then got creative with my approach to buying. Called a few local spot and purchased a roll of franklins for under melt!!! Cant go wrong with that

  5. joshua ralston says:

    Great addition to the stack. Junk silver eh i think if the price is right buy it and stack it .

  6. Motorcity Stacker says:

    We are a group of complete silver nerds!

    getting a major Jones for 1964 halves.

  7. Bigstackmcgee says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone!

  8. Ameri Gunn says:

    I have recently gotten into ‘junk’ silver myself,especially for the fractional aspect of it like you said but im not sure how much of it i am really going to keep getting. I think i prefer the 1 to 10oz stuff better . nice video, stack on!

  9. steverg2 says:

    When I started I would carefully pick out the coins that look less worn but it doesn’t really matter when you do it by weight anyway. Plus when you’re buying locally sometimes the inventories are low so you gotta just take what you can get!

  10. rocky315w says:

    I never saw a shop, I guess because I buy at flea market, a place where they weigh it, that is good for both of you. thanks for the responce I didn’t know that. Guess i got to get out more.

  11. steverg2 says:

    If you buy by weight, as I do at my local coin shop, rather than buying in “face value”, it doesn’t really matter if they’re worn or not, you’re still getting the silver content you pay for!

  12. silvermad1 says:

    nice man, thanks for the sub.i subbed back

  13. greg williams says:

    I dont have a lot of junk silver yet, very hard to get here, i only started in december so im kinda learning as i go – thanks for sharing your unboxing 🙂

  14. rocky315w says:

    I agree with Jeff, I try to stay away from barbers because of their design they didn’t wear well and in the future they might just weigh 90% and not count how many. But if you’ll go to my channel you’ll see I am a fan of junk. thanks for the show.

  15. Jeff Donner says:

    If I have a choice, I prefer 90% U. S. Constitutional silver that’s not quite as worn as the ones in your video. For example I try to always buy 1964 Roosevelt dimes, because they are less worn. Same with quarters and half dollars. With that being said, I would take it if the price was right. After all, silver is silver, and it’s all good.

  16. igoldsilverplatinum says:

    I used to have junk silver years ago. I think it’s time for me to add a little again

  17. silverfish VT says:

    You simply cant go wrong getting a little 90% silver, buy it whenever you can. CHeck out a local coin shop, and see what they have available for junk. Ive certainly bought silver that has some age to it, its all good

  18. EpicRV says:

    nice brother…..nothing like a little junk

  19. lowpross11 says:

    Worn or not, 90% quarters & halves are great !! Check out my NGC MS-66 Quarter collection video !!

  20. Jose Rodriguez says:

    I love gett 90% in good condition but ill take it however

  21. Jose Rodriguez says:

    Thats good stuff buddy. I love the walking half