10 Oz APMEX Silver bullion | Silver Unboxing

10 Oz APMEX Silver bullion

12 Responses to 10 Oz APMEX Silver bullion

  1. tacos805 says:

    Nice… I like dealing with APMEX. I’ve been satisfied with each purchase.

    Keep Stacking!

  2. thekittenwars says:

    whats the reason they package it like this, I wonder if APMEX can explain this?

  3. BeaSilverSmart says:

    : These bars are not stackable , but thos are in plastic wrap

  4. ustfu says:

    How they stackable?

  5. Silvergolds1 says:

    nice keep on stacking!

  6. Augustahumbert says:

    Those are nice……

  7. Augustahumbert says:

    Very nice guy!

  8. mrmjg20 says:

    Maybe next time you can have a box cutter on hand and save the viewers about 3 minutes!

  9. slotcat1 says:

    nice bars

  10. vzmiami111 says:

    Love the blade work, lol!
    Nice vid, thx for sharing!

  11. zz911wasInsideJobzz says:

    Those bars are beautiful. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

  12. silversafety30 says:

    nice bars! but I think you need new scissors haha. keep stacking

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