WTF!!! Apmex Is Killing Me On Silver 1-25-13 | Silver Unboxing

WTF!!! Apmex Is Killing Me On Silver 1-25-13

25 Responses to WTF!!! Apmex Is Killing Me On Silver 1-25-13

  1. Derek Macdonald says:

    ive done many orders on apmex and i order over $200 at a time and ive never had problems

  2. Crazy8s3 says:

    Winey bitch

  3. Rachel Cacho says:

    yeah that’s what I thought…..the value is still there

  4. whatdoyouseehere says:

    I ordered from mcm and mine had scratches. I guess I’m not the only one!

  5. reign80 says:


    Give me a freaking break or at least explain to me why condition is so important? silver is silver right?

  6. 2000xlt says:

    did you get them replaced

  7. Brooks Thornhill says:

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  8. Jonathan Lawrence says:

    that’s why i don’t buy modern coins. coins are designed for circulation purpose. we collect the history in them rather than just pieces of metal. you can’t get a perfect modern issue(grade 70) even if you buy it directly from the mint. there’s a 95% chance that you get disappointed every time

  9. Ronald Blatt says:

    Just wanted to let you know that the real blame lies with Britain. Their quality control is atrocious. Read all the blogs on the 2013 silver Britannias and they all say the same thing – scratches galore! Recently in an attempt to do better the British mint started putting the coins in tubes instead of the plastic sheets because of the complaints. It’s really not the dealer’s fault because that’s the way they’re getting them. I have less sympathy with NGC however. MS69 should not have scratches!

  10. Scott Hill says:

    I would suggest using Silvertowne for buying bullion rounds. First, shipping is free which is going to save you some cash. Never have used AMPEX. Don’t care for the shipping cost. Silvertowne is one of the highest rated in the country for bullion and coins. Check it out.

  11. Santos Carvalho says:


  12. wflite says:

    I agree but a balance can be struck if you do your research. If you bought a the right low mintage coins for bullion rates in 2009-2010 you could be trading them in for 3 oz’s of current bullion coins today. Collapse, although probable is not necessarily tomorrow. But silver is silver is silver if the SHTF….

  13. wflite says:

    I thought those were 90%’s. I would go with Canadians or Australians or Philharmonics even Libtads. I like the Canadian limited mintage coins that you can still get at a couple over spot. I have a theory on the big online dealers and their slabbing deals. I would bet that Apmex just has their mint sealed boxes auto graded by NGC (maybe) PCGS too at MS69 or 70 for the appropriate fee. Obviously much less than You or I would pay and our coins will actually be scrutinized…just a theory!

  14. Prosaicsscr33name says:

    Silver coins are worth melt value. If SHTF no one is going to care if a coin has scratches on it. Invest in the PM and leave numismatics to the collectors. Just my opinion.

  15. obeast121 says:

    send them more money third times a charm

  16. TheMkarr says:

    Don’t fall for this early release crap. When silver hits $100.00 per oz, you will have spent $30.00 for the grading process. I grade only very nice gold. Buy %90 US pre 1965 silver & you will own history as well. Till you pass it on to your kids. That is why you own PM’s. For way down the road. I am glad I got in at $7.00 per oz in 2000. Everyone has been burned by APMEX but, they will work with you on tour next order I bet. All silver is a buy,buy,buy now.

  17. plumberplumber o says:

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLO. u mad bro u mad bro? I only buy in person.

  18. hadrock83 says:

    Get anything else but britannias, they are beautiful designs but they should cost spot price.

  19. Rich Hertz says:

    I’ve had the same experience and never buy from them any more.

  20. Physics Outlaw says:

    I just unboxed some eagles from APMEX. Come on over and check out the video 🙂

  21. 757Roy757 says:

    I was gonna buy a couple ounce coins from apmex today but changed my mind after seeing they wanted $12.50 for shipping

  22. sanitydotorg says:

    I don’t know who graded those but they’re fucking fired

  23. Brian TheLog says:

    apmex has been good to me so far it sucks this has happened to you I haven’t tried but couldn’t you order from the mints themselves if you wanted quality coins?? I wouldn’t accept anything like that on slabbed coins bro. Send it back… subbing you bro check out my channel!

  24. melvin tanyer says:

    ive bought numismatically graded coins from apmex before with no problems no scratches

  25. lanceoa says:

    lovin the strategy, but not surprised.. i think someone at the factory is sabotaging, how could they all possibly come out like that.. its almost like they tried to hit every single coin, Id hate to see MS70