unboxing apmex fake silver bullion | Silver Unboxing

unboxing apmex fake silver bullion

fake silver from apmex.
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SD Bullion

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4 Responses to unboxing apmex fake silver bullion

  1. David Schubert says:

    What’s with the title? No where in your senseless rant did you say anything about apmex giving you fake silver bullion… waste of my time

  2. mike zoo says:

    silver is going up baby your right i love your knife

  3. Silver Bully says:

    And i had to laugh at the box they put that in wow at the size of it for 4 coins.

  4. Silver Bully says:

    Good buy and your smart by staying away from pandas and such specially when you dont have much money to spend on silver at the end of the month…. JM bullion is great my favorite. I will have a unboxing from them tomorrow 177oz ordered on a monday shipped out on Wednesday. They ship out order quick and if there is a delay it says so on the cart. Because of the 4th it is actually taking ups longer then it took JM bullion. My first order with them also shipped out in two days..

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