New Silver Bullion Unboxing – Prospector’s Gold and Gems Hand Poured Bars Again! | Silver Unboxing

New Silver Bullion Unboxing – Prospector’s Gold and Gems Hand Poured Bars Again!

New Silver Bullion Unboxing - Prospector's Gold and Gems Hand Poured Bars Again!

Hello fellow silver bugs, stackers, preppers and investors, I’m back with more silver unboxing content for your enjoyment. This time it’s another unboxing fr…
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SD Bullion

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25 Responses to New Silver Bullion Unboxing – Prospector’s Gold and Gems Hand Poured Bars Again!

  1. Photo314159 says:

    Yeah I need a 6er next.

  2. circularfile2009 says:

    6 oz? 😉 nice bars.

  3. Photo314159 says:

    No, you’ve got to call them. They don’t update their website prices. They’re the cheapest over spot around, just order a few and they’ll give you a great price and cheap shipping too.

  4. coinhunter94 says:

    Their 1oz bar is $12 over spot :O

  5. willz horton says:

    Yea they do charge a little bit more but its worth it knowing that everything they sell is real.

  6. willz horton says:

    Yesterday i placed an order for 5 1 oz prospector loafs. Like i said i have a 2 and 3oz Prospector loafs and besides the Geiger Edelmetalle silver bars, they are my fav i just love that poured look.

  7. willz horton says:

    Yes.. You will find that alot of the big investors use APMEX. Everything is guaranteed and there pretty good on shipping. They always have new stuff and a HUGE variety of stuff. I only buy from them.. If you want to get serious on investing..APMEX is the best man and no, i dont work for them to promote anything lol.

  8. Photo314159 says:

    Not on these bars they don’t. Shipping rates are pretty high too.

  9. ZombiePrep236 says:

    do they cost reasonably?

  10. willz horton says:

    I HIGHLY advise you to buy from They are highly trusted and always come thru and have ALOT of different types of silver/gold/platinum.

  11. willz horton says:

    I have a 3oz and a 2oz Prospectors Gold & Gems bars and i love that rough poured look.
    They are very cool!

  12. ZombiePrep236 says:

    Awesome bro I am bidding on a 1 oz one of those. I just absolutely love them hand poured bars!! Is it ok to send a coin through a envelope?

  13. kyshooters says:

    APMEX sells their stuff … they just charge you a whole lot more. Why pay the middle man? Buy direct from PG&G. They’re awesome.

  14. Photo314159 says:

    Small but chunky. It’s the one in the video thumbnail. Same size as the 1oz bar, but thicker. Really nice though.

  15. bpsell says:

    How big is the 2 oz bar?

  16. Photo314159 says:

    Yep! Silver’s taking a little dip right now, it may be a buy time real soon. 😀

  17. fightnight47364 says:

    Got to like those handpoured bar’s. Keep stacking

  18. Photo314159 says:

    Yeah, these are sweet. I need that 10 ouncer but silver keeps going up! People are weird with the “fake” stuff. They might be competitors selling something else, who knows.

  19. Shawn Brennan says:

    Great vid. Thanks for going over these Prospectors Gold & Gems Bars. They are the next AG victim on my list! Really love the hand poured and satin finish they have. Not sure how this vid has 3 dislikes or is that 3 jealous buttons? How do you know that these aren’t ” Fake ” bars? Hahahahaha, had to throw in some sarcasm. Keep Stackin! Oh yea, Get your 10 Ouncer.

  20. Photo314159 says:

    It’s not fake it’s real silver, don’t listen to the conspiracy theorists. They make them to order in Colorado not China. The website is basic because it’s a very small operation. I think they might have like 3 employees, and I talked with one of them to place my order, they’re very nice. 

  21. John Weiss says:

    So many fake bars in the market, that’s why I only but from the government mints.
    Prospector’s Gold and Gems website is looking suspect too.
    Thank you for the heads up.

  22. john cramer says:

    yeah, not sure is they’re from PG@G or china

  23. Photo314159 says:

    I bought these from PG&G, I’m pretty sure they’re not selling fake versions of thier own products, lol.

  24. Arto Alanenpää says:

    Yes really! :) Unic and beautiful stuf

  25. Arto Alanenpää says:

    Thats like open a present 🙂 nice video thanks

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