May 2012 Silver Purchase | Silver Unboxing

May 2012 Silver Purchase

The Johnston Matthey bars are pretty nice, I like the fact that they come in sheets of 10 and are easily stackable. NTR metals 10 oz bars are the cheapest ne…

SD Bullion

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20 Responses to May 2012 Silver Purchase

  1. Tony Tucker says:

    Silver will continue to drop till middle of 2014 on average. There will be a big purchase then by undisclosed businesses. The Price will drop to $15 or slightly under. This is NOT what it is worth so don’t worry. The bigger Player from London have a plan. Scare you out or ware you out just like Mike Maloney Says. Hold… This is how they plan on confiscating it and dominating the market! Don’t believe me then 99% stay the sheep we need you. Ton be on the bottom of the pyramid for steps.

  2. MrParrhesian says:

    It’s nice to have you drop by for a peek. Good on you for getting a bit.

  3. MrParrhesian says:

    F off you crazy wank!

  4. Bass Masters says:

    Great vid! I ordered 109 ounces when the spot was around 27.00. I ordered close to the same, 12 1oz JM’s and 4 10 oz NTR bars, and a couple of maples, moose, taku, and 40 oz’s of libs and buffalo rounds. Thanks for posting! Cheers

  5. serg d says:

    IT IS WRITTEN: But their idols are silver and gold, made by the hands of men. Psalms 115:4. Repent!!!!!

  6. SilverMapleLeafs says:

    I saw some at my local bullion today, I was going to buy 2 troy ounces. But ended up picking up 10 troy ounce engelhard bar. Having issues today uploading my video. But I will up load later for sure.

  7. MrParrhesian says:

    Nice to see you drop in for a look, been watching your vids for over a year, thanks for posting them.

  8. SilverMapleLeafs says:

    Nice, love the sheets. I don’t on any JM. Or sheet ounces. I might pick some up in the future.

  9. msa0709 says:

    Nice video. Thanks for sharing!

  10. MrParrhesian says:

    My stack is sooo big you would think I have a foundry. 🙂

    Seriously though, I seem to remember a comment left by you on my 1st video…which is now longer posted. Anyway, keep your stack dry and your horse fed.

  11. ArgentPur1OZ says:

    I thought you were into numismatic, good to see you are stacking too:)

  12. MrParrhesian says:

    Looking forward to seeing some European silver. Take care.

  13. Irishsilverstack says:

    No, not so much in the local area, but there are good places in europe to buy. And i have a few places i can get it cheaper sometimes but usually on dips. Ill be making a video on them anyway.

  14. MrParrhesian says:

    How are you making out finding silver any decent prices in the local area?

  15. Irishsilverstack says:

    Yeah i think that now is a good time to buy also, lovely 1oz bars.

  16. MrParrhesian says:

    Thanks for stopping by!

  17. MrParrhesian says:

    Sure was nice to add at a low cost, minus the bullion coins. I guess we won’t see the bullion coins below $30 for quite a few years if ever.

  18. MrParrhesian says:

    Yeah, not sure what the function of the numbers are but it seems to provide confidence in the JM bars so its all good.

  19. SilverRevolution1 says:

    They’re sweet AND cheap!

  20. lowpross11 says:

    Nice stuff. We have similar items..

    Can never find any info w/ regard to those serial numbers anyhow. Not sure that info is for the buying public. I’m thinking the numbers are for production/accounting reasons.. ???

    Thanks for sharing on video!