Vintage Golden Analytical Silver Bar Unboxing – from Monarch Precious Metals | Silver Unboxing

Vintage Golden Analytical Silver Bar Unboxing – from Monarch Precious Metals

I picked up a nice GA vintage pour listed at Monarch Precious Metals, along with a couple of their own poured pieces. Also, a shout-out to the very entertain…
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SD Bullion

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25 Responses to Vintage Golden Analytical Silver Bar Unboxing – from Monarch Precious Metals

  1. invisibletim says:

    jm bullion

  2. J Sch says:

    Enlighten me on where you could pay for silver at this price without buying like 100ozs

  3. invisibletim says:

    21-22 dollars at most

  4. invisibletim says:

    Very nice I grabbed 2 10 oz GA bars @ Monarch

  5. Chris Silver says:

    Your surprised that on eBay there are some vintage 10oz bars going for $500. I have seen a 1oz bar go for more! Recently a 1oz ENGELHARD bar sold on a forum for $725! $725 for an oz!

  6. tony sara says:

    Id never seen a GA 20 oz bar before,it looks great and would love to own one myself.
    Now thats what i call a bullion bar,looking forward to seeing what other big purchaces you have on order.Good job,keep stacking.

  7. whostreathens says:

    Depending on what u get

  8. whostreathens says:

    Between 20 and 26 bucks

  9. WiryOak . says:

    good time to order? Im new lol what should i pay per ounce right now?

  10. whostreathens says:

    There is something about silver. Its like i want to eat it.

  11. clos377silver says:

    Just wanted to thank you and silverfish vt for my inspiration on starting my stack I don’t make much money but Im stackin what I can and I love it.. stacking really opened my eyes to wealth preservation. .. thank you

  12. Joe Knipp says:

    When you buy the poured products, I would like to see a little additional footage in your video postings…. 1) Weigh them to confirm they really are two, five and 20 troy oz. 2) Do a ring test on them  3) Do the magnet test on them. Thanks ! Joe

  13. Adam C says:

    Great stuff, I love the 20oz bar.

  14. silvermad1 says:

    very nice

  15. StackAndPrepper says:

    Very nice poured bars! Excellent additions to the stack! Thanks for sharing! Oh, and thanks for the recommendation on MrSilverBulletSniper… very entertaining videos from this interesting young man (subbed).

  16. SalivateMetal says:

    Wow! Those are some great additions BigStack. Very well done. I’ll have to keep an eye on Monarch;s website.

  17. lagoveride says:

    good stuff. I love the monarch products. I did an unboxing of a kilo monarch bar and a bunch of other ones a while on my channel. nice pickups dude.

  18. Makeincuscibus says:

    Please tell me what you said.

  19. Chip Bagadontz says:

    You’re getting a pretty nice poured silver collection there bigstack. This will look nice next to your Engelhard pours!

  20. Metal4Detecting says:

    Awesome your stack brother. The tomb stone bar is awesome . and i love that sweet 20 oz bar as well . Vary cool my friend

  21. beachbumsocal says:

    Oi! Youtube ate my answer. I would think the 20 ounce size is a bit rarer at the moment.

  22. romannmorozov says:

    awesome bar

  23. beachbumsocal says:

    GA=Golden Analytical

  24. Michael Silver says:

    Exquisit 20oz bar, the others are nice, but, with no special design just a few words and numbers it has more character, love it.

  25. SilverDuffOH says:

    That 5 oz bar is what I’m almost drooling over! It looks so sweet! I bought on the dip but I could only 5 oz. 😛
    Sweet pickups man

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