Unboxing – 250g Geiger Security Line Silver Bar “Minted” | Silver Unboxing

Unboxing – 250g Geiger Security Line Silver Bar “Minted”

Unboxing - 250g Geiger Security Line Silver Bar

250gr GEIGER Edelmetalle Silver bar from bullionlist.com.au.

SD Bullion

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25 Responses to Unboxing – 250g Geiger Security Line Silver Bar “Minted”

  1. greg williams says:

    Great news - thats awesome, can’t wait to see it 8^|)

  2. poppysmom100 says:

    I think your voice is very soothing, and who doesn’t love an aussie accent!! crazy. Sorry I keep commenting on an old thread, im done now 😛

  3. poppysmom100 says:

    I did it, got a little 100 gram bar 🙂

  4. greg williams says:

    Maybe…would depend on how big the order was i guess. Cause the AUD$1 is only buying USD$0.92, anyway was just a thought – take care and keep salivating :-P~~~ haha

  5. SalivateMetal says:

    I think it’ll be too expensive for me to order from bullion list with their shipping prices Greg. Had to sign up on their site to see prices.

  6. greg williams says:

    It really is a unique bar, especially the reeded edge is quite a wow. They are 196 at the moment from the link i posted in the description, the exchange rate being AUD$1 is buying USD$0.92, you could really clean up with that price.

  7. poppysmom100 says:

    theyr down to $209 USD on APMEX.

  8. poppysmom100 says:

    Had to watch it again! I will have one of these! one day 🙂

  9. greg williams says:

    RCM does do great work – their designs are great especially the wildlife series and a few of the other series they do. I have only ever seen them on YT though, their bars are great too from what i have seen on YT. The only RCM i have is 10 maples, i only started stacking in december on very low income so i dont have very much, i hope to own more RCM stuff, we dont see it much in Australia though.:-)

  10. CaseModVideos says:

    Hey, I liked the video !! It just came very slowly, that’s all. You do say: “RCM does the best stuff imo, i have issue with their milkspots all over everything though.”. It is on this page in response to poppysmom100 – so I asked about it since I want an RCM bar..

  11. greg williams says:

    Well gee, I apologise for talking slowly. I guess that’s why I don’t do more vids, because I’m not a good speaker, and feel free to disagree, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. At no time in the vid did i mention RCM 100oz bars or the term ”milky”. But I guess you were so entranced with the fact that I wasn’t talking as fast as you would like, that your mind somehow wondered onto RCM 100oz bars. Hopefully one day I will own one. I like them too. 🙂

  12. CaseModVideos says:

    Fascinating video and bar – nice Guy – maybe too nice. I do wish you would tell the story faster. 2 bad orders – I would stay far away from BullionList for those 2 reasons. I disagree with the “Silver is Silver” thing as I certainly care a lot what my Bars look like. I believe a lot of guys use that to defend scratched up bars (not you). Can you let us know what you mean by “the RCM 100 oz bars are milky” – because I really want one and they look so pristine in the dealer’s pics. Thanks

  13. greg williams says:

    Yeah i have a ‘Valcambi 100x1gr combibar’ – they are very very tiny lol

  14. Trillion Dollar Silver says:

    wow i like the grams.. I want some combi’s

  15. Al C says:

    Nice bar, keep stacking

  16. greg williams says:

    $295 is an ok price, we usually pay higher premiums here than you guys even with our own stuff..RCM does the best stuff imo, i have issue with their milkspots all over everything though…Perth mint is going through a stage that they want to put paint all over everything, not a big fan of painted coins lol. thanks for watching 🙂

  17. poppysmom100 says:

    Man I really like the look of that bar, I found one on ebay $295. gonna put it on my wish list. Australia and Canada seem to make some of the most amazing silver bullion. I’d rank AU #1, CA #2 Suisse #3 imho. Anyway great bar, made me jelouse 🙂

  18. gold n says:

    I have postend a video on YouTube whit a coin for trade. Do you want to trade something whit my coin?

  19. lundisco says:

    Yeah it’s never good not getting what you ordered, especially when waiting to long, but that thing is nice.

  20. sweetjo717 says:

    Nice bar but I don’t see which shop will buy it in France when I will want to sell…

  21. greg williams says:

    Thanks mcgee, thats why i didnt want to send it back hehe + this bar was more expensive than the cast so… – I will try for the cast bar next, but i will phone them first so there is no mix up this time. Yeah the 2 extra 1gr bars for a few days delay was great i thought. Not a lot of dealers would do that lol – thanks for watching 🙂

  22. Bigstackmcgee says:

    You know, I don’t know about that cast bar (which I’m sure is terrific), but that bar you got is incredible. I’m sorry to hear that you had problems, but the additions of the 1g bars is a classy move on their part. Nice vid Greg!

  23. greg williams says:

    It was my first time dealing with bullionlist – i usually deal with BB but they have been really rude the last 2 times that i called chasing orders. Thanks for watching 🙂

  24. DieRunning1 says:

    Love bullionlist, my favourite dealer… quick and actually have what they say in stock. Used BB and it took a LONG time to receive my silver.. and it arrived scratched. (coins)

  25. greg williams says:

    Yes they did offer on the phone, but after seeing the bar i didn’t want to part with it..I will get the other one next time. – Yes the 2 1gr bars were because of a few days delay, 2 to 3 days only lol – not many dealers would do that – thanks for watching 🙂