Silver update and unboxing 09/16/11 | Silver Unboxing

Silver update and unboxing 09/16/11

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SD Bullion

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25 Responses to Silver update and unboxing 09/16/11

  1. mcrfuse says:

    pamps are so small

  2. Photo314159 says:

    We have a very similar collection. I’ve got more Eagles, you’ve got more Philharmonics. I want a Grizzly and can’t find them in stock anywhere now…or a Wolf actually. It makes saving fun I think, so why not?

  3. silver john says:

    silver is extinct no more lets wipe it off the earth lets buy bullion
    if 1 million people out of 7 billion people world wide bought 3kg or 100oz silver thats it extinction of silver there will still be 7billion gold left for sale then you might see silver higher then gold lets make it extinct before 2015

  4. adolf smitler says:

    your safe opens with a key? I KNOW YOUR SECRET NOW!

  5. SilverNowPeople says:

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  6. CoinSearchingSilver says:

    Make your money work for you today…. Get .5 oz silver everyday for less than spot!!!

  7. md0206 says:

    It has to rise maybe to 50, 60 dollars an ounce which will takes maybe years for him to make any kind of profit.
    So no, don’t feed into the gold silver paranoia without doing proper research.
    And these coins got delivered to him, prob insurrend, which costed him even more money, so in the end, silver is a long term heavy asset investment, not anything small time, it’s better to find a job and put ur money on the bank if you have below 50.000 or so, you will lose money.

  8. md0206 says:

    It’s mostly true and investing in silver isn’t smart if you have just a small amount, it’s very risky still if you look at the charts for silver over the years.
    These coins are btw bought with about 20 procent extra fee, storage, taxes, whatnot.
    So he already lost 20 procent, thats maybe a hundred dollars to purchase these coins.
    Silver atm stock prices are high, so he bought them steep compared to prev years, it has to rise tens of dollars for him to make profit.

  9. bsowa1028 says:

    Nice collection none the less.

  10. bsowa1028 says:

    Putting your coins and bullion in a safe doesn’t really keep them “safe” unless it is bolted to the floor or sunken in a cement floor or wall. Anyone can pick up a safe and walk away with it, especially one like that which looks like it weichs about 15 lbs.

  11. bsowa1028 says:

    That is 100% false.

  12. bsowa1028 says:

    I hate watching people use knives. Had to get stitches twice, once on each hand, from accidents while using knives.

  13. md0206 says:

    If you going to invest in silver, invest in silver bars. Coins are only good for collectors.

  14. md0206 says:

    You forget one thing tho, the rising space industry and the use of gold, since it’s the best to couter ultraviolet light this is a upcoming factor.

  15. nsakic says:

    Good stuff, keep stacking! 🙂

  16. SilverGoldBuddy says:

    Ya, They just sold them for a short time. They always keep there site updated with new and cool items from the bullion world.

  17. styllcantfeelmyface says:

    cool coins bro. did silvergoldbull sell pandas for a short period of time? i never seen them on the site i would love to own some.

  18. fieryphoenixe says:

    Nice collection, thanks for sharing!

  19. SilverGoldBuddy says:

    That’s Really cool! – Thanks for sharing.

  20. SilverGoldBuddy says:

    You can order single coins from SGB (SilverGoldBull . com)

  21. SilverGoldBuddy says:

    check out my newest video: 2003 24K 999.9 Gold Austrian Philharmonic

  22. SilverGoldBuddy says:

    AHAHAH, I enjoyed reading this comment 😀
    Thanks my freind! And i do agree. I have been saving for the last bit and almost there. I have $1,800 put a side for 1oz of GOLD. I always use the saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” So I told myself once i reached 50oz of Silver I would pick up 1oz of Gold. Check out my blog at silvergoldbuddy.blogspot .com I also started a community of people who enjoy investing in the precious metals on facebook.

  23. TheTotalreason says:

    1300 in silver.. U need to collect gold. My single Credit Suisse 1 oz gold bar is 1700+. Gold is where it’s at.. Eat with silver invest in gold.. Just my opinion tho.

  24. SilverGoldBuddy says:

    Interesting response, though that’s one persons thought. Many people have there own ideas of what they enjoy as a hobby. myself its collecting silver and gold. Plus it all adds up fast! 🙂 I don’t have the luxury of going out and spending hours of time trying to find silver and gold out in the middle of no-ware, I would rather spend the money. But that’s me.

  25. huckfinnsj says:

    I don’t understand why you spend all that money buying NEW coins, when you could
    easily go buy a Garrett ACE250 metal detector (lots less than what you spend on new
    coinage) and go out to the suburbs, find some woods or an old park and search and
    find your own coins. Not new, but you an have the satisfaction of finding coins YOU
    found. “Coin shooting” can be a thrilling hobby, especially when you find a silver dollar
    or that old American gold coin. Now that’s something to brag about.