Silver Bullion Unboxing – Perth Mint Australia | Silver Unboxing

Silver Bullion Unboxing – Perth Mint Australia

I’ve received a shipment of silver today and decided to share the unboxing with my viewers. The package includes 2 units of 99.9% Pure Silver from the Perth …
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SD Bullion

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25 Responses to Silver Bullion Unboxing – Perth Mint Australia

  1. Nobrainqorbane says:

    THANKYOU yes in fine isn’t he such a bad and rude person Jesus he’s SUCH A FAGGOT CUNT

  2. Ghcjbgnhjvh says:

    Don’t u EVER TREAT THAT MAN LIME THAT U FAGGOT, are u ok “nobrainqorbane”

  3. patellaman says:

    I sold those bars to a gold & silver dealer some time ago, definitely weren’t fake. Thanks for watching! 🙂

  4. Nobrainqorbane says:

    Check if it’s fake

  5. Yang Weng says:

    Nice. These have the best shape and the most mirror-like finish of all the poured bars I have seen. I have one of these myself and it is my fav by far.

  6. CaseModVideos says:

    I wonder if the amount of scratches are the norm ? (your casual response seemed to indicated that). For that amount of money I would hope that they would have less scratches. They are gorgeous as-is, however..

  7. alexgrenner says:

    Thanks a lot!

  8. patellaman says:

    68 x 33 x 15mm

  9. alexgrenner says:

    Would you be so kind to give me the dimensions in centimeters of this 10 Oz bar? Thanks in advance!

  10. patellaman says:

    I am not sure, they were solid bars though so definitely weren’t flaking. An interesting observation 🙂 Thank you for watching

  11. Juan Berry says:

    Why does it look like the silver is flaking in the corner of one of your bars?

  12. Brian TheLog says:

    the more i see these bars of silver the more I want some!! Check out my channel and sub!

  13. shad akr says:

    silver is over hyped because there is slight imbalance in the gold to silver price ratio

  14. lifelessperson1993 says:

    you know it’s funny, when I order bullion form my usual guys in Australia, they actually label the package as paperweights!

  15. lifelessperson1993 says:

    use telegraphic transfers (bank wires) or e-cheques if you don’t have a credit card, coin shops are fine, but they won’t be much help in giving bullion advice, or ordering what you want for that matter… besides wiring money often gives you cash discounts on bullion websites not to mention you avoid middlemen’s charging you money… cheers!

  16. lifelessperson1993 says:

    You can order from Bullion Bourse, they have a website, ships world wide, they carry some nice perth mint bars… Also I assume, since you’re in the U.S try Provident metals if you haven’t already, some great deals there. You’re better off buying your bullion online where you don’t need to pay coin shops or bullion sellers extra so they can cover costs and make a profit, buy direct from websites, assayers or mints if you can

  17. shad akr says:

    nice Paperweight

  18. styles3332 says:

    Bag them together lol nice ring to them

  19. billionville says:

    nice shiny stuff

  20. javamanV3 says:

    There is evidence that until the beginning of the industrial revolution Ag did not tarnish at all! Sulfur tarnishes silver and is now in the atmosphere in sufficient quantity to do it’s evil work.

    Keep on stacking

  21. javamanV3 says:

    In current time – Jan 2013 – bars and coins have about the same premium. It all depends on what you are looking at. Also, is the premium recoverable? Do you get your money back on selling. Perth mint has a good rep there as do many others. When premiums are too much is up to the purchaser. For a really beautiful silver coin you may be willing to pay a bit more…

  22. javamanV3 says:

    Realize this is quite late – check put On line PM stores like Provident – Apmex, Monarch, Scottsdale etc… They will sell you all the bars you want. I know Provident takes checks and Postal money orders.

  23. Silver Destiny says:

    Hey check out my new video that I just put up :

    Ancient Silver vs Junk Silver

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  24. Str8trips says:

    Fyi perth mint does not circulate anything they buy the scrap and even when they get their bars back they melt them down and you buy fresh batches!.

  25. patellaman says:

    because it holds real monetary value and has amazing qualities which I find fascinating.

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