Apmex Silver Fractionals Unboxing | Silver Unboxing

Apmex Silver Fractionals Unboxing

Apmex Silver Fractionals Unboxing

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4 Responses to Apmex Silver Fractionals Unboxing

  1. loh1110 says:

    Next time check out Goldmart.com. I’ve bought from Gainsville, Apmex, and Goldmart. Only difference between these are prices of premium and shipping prices. Goldmart has the lowest premiums, shipping, and their single unit price is cheaper than the competitors lowest bulk price.

  2. vandaley says:

    they look great.

  3. erod1944 says:

    During the Oklahoma Floods of 2010, one of my APMEX orders was slow and no one at APMEX was answering the phone. I was getting worried until my phone rang one Saturday morning and it was a Vice President of APMEX who told me that the area was flooded nobody had been able to get to work for days.

    He was the only one at APMEX (a canoe trip maybe?) and he took time to call me to respond to my voice mails. I was impressed that a VP would call a customer. Apmex is a good Company