2012 America the Beautiful Series Puerto Rico 5 Ounce Silver Coin Review | Silver Unboxing

2012 America the Beautiful Series Puerto Rico 5 Ounce Silver Coin Review

This five ounce .999 fine silver bullion coin is part of the America the Beautiful Series from the United States Mint. It is a great way to stack silver bull…

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15 Responses to 2012 America the Beautiful Series Puerto Rico 5 Ounce Silver Coin Review

  1. IrixGuy says:

    The silver Maine Coon cat loves his silver coins =)

  2. alnllc llcaln says:

    hehe kitty wants the coin

  3. IrixGuy says:

    @statisticool Awesome! Thank you for sharing :). Feel free to check out my other coin vids too!

  4. statisticool says:

    pronounced like “El June-K”. The frog is a coqui (“co-key”), and it makes a sound like co-key. 🙂 I forget what the bird is! cheers,

  5. IrixGuy says:

    @Tak321Tik I concur. $215 is a little steep given the availability of this coin in today’s market…..even though it’s no longer being minted though. I can’t speak for pricing out of the United States though.

  6. Tak321Tik says:

    Dude I dont know where you are getting your info, but it definitely isnt correct. The glacier coin is available all over and can be found for A LOT cheaper than that online. This one real good site sells it for $160 or so I think. They sell everything for the best prices online really. Go to APMEX [dot] (c o m). They have all the coins you could want for the greatest prices available. For $215 I’d say youre being taken and you should really reconsider that “deal”.

  7. jbaron911 says:

    $215 is a pretty good price considering the glacier coin is 2011 and isn’t being minted anymore.

  8. DarkElite91 says:

    that is a very pretty coin. where did you buy it from? i am buying a glacier 5 oz coin from this real nice seller for $215…is that a good deal?

  9. IrixGuy says:

    @111Barcafan Check video descripn for link to buy they’re priced affordable over spit. Thanks for watching!

  10. 111Barcafan says:

    where and how much did buy for.

  11. IrixGuy says:

    Thanks! The interest in the ATB series has been lacking not sure why because i like stacking these more than the ASE.

  12. DJamesLaSalle says:

    Happy to see another collector of the series.

  13. IrixGuy says:

    LOL yeah, these things do look massive. Not as commanding in size as the Perth Mint kilo coins though =) LOL…thanks for clarifying =)

  14. IrixGuy says:

    Yeah, I was really impressed with this one. I have all of the 2011 ATBs but none of the 2010s.

  15. tpntch07 says:

    Amazing looking coin!! Do you own any of the ATB with the mint mark? It seems as if we’ve been waiting for ever for these coins to come out!!

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