Vid #25 Silver (15 oz) and Gold (1/2 oz) Bullion Unboxing from SilverGoldBull | Silver Unboxing

Vid #25 Silver (15 oz) and Gold (1/2 oz) Bullion Unboxing from SilverGoldBull

Still catching up with my video backlog but I’m getting there! This unboxing is from Jan 2013. Not a huge order but it all adds up 😉 ……

SD Bullion

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22 Responses to Vid #25 Silver (15 oz) and Gold (1/2 oz) Bullion Unboxing from SilverGoldBull

  1. coolbeat2005 says:

    lovely style bar!

  2. mark christopher says:

    Mayb not.

  3. mark christopher says:

    15 oz is a lot.

  4. greatwhitenorthvids says:

    Yep – real chocolate 😉

  5. GreatestSurvival says:

    Is that real chocolate? That’s fun. My son would love to have that if I were to open up a package from these guys.

  6. Bass Masters says:

    Thanks for posting! I love to look at silver and gold! I just started collecting, last year, and have reached 200 plus ounces of silver, and no gold so far. That will be my next order I hope! Cheers n’ beers!

  7. greatwhitenorthvids says:

    Yeah – that’s my first BMG – I do like it and since they are now the same price as the NTR’s I mihgt pick up a few more shortly….

  8. TheM3Silver says:

    I love all your unboxing vids, keep stacking! 🙂

  9. nick540 says:

    Great unboxing great White. I really like the B M G bars. I have been eyeing those up for a year now. I think i will have to jump on one soon.

  10. veritasfiles says:

    Awesome! Glad to see you’re increasing your holdings of Gold. Keep stackin’!

  11. Jose Rodriguez says:

    Good stuff.

  12. EpicRV says:

    hmmmm…never seen that 10 oz bar before…..very nice….nice goldy as well….im getting that gold bug as well

  13. silvermad1 says:

    like that 10 oz bar never seen them before

  14. Alex Heinrich says:

    isnt there shipping so expensive

  15. greatwhitenorthvids says:

    Hey Pharaoh – Thanks! – It’a a 2013 – as far as I know only the 1 ouncer has the security mark.

  16. greatwhitenorthvids says:

    This order came in January – I’m just behind in posting the videos….

  17. b5clubber says:

    Great pick ups there! Gold chocolate & silver…3 great things to have in a video

  18. tpntch07 says:

    Great looking bar!!

  19. greg williams says:

    very nice 10oz’er – love the goldie as well 🙂

  20. LiquidArgentum says:

    I mean 2013

  21. LiquidArgentum says:

    Great vid but u might want to change your intro it still says January 2012

  22. OntarioDiggers says:

    Nice additions. So far I’m happy with SGB as well, they could improve on their selection a little though. The guys in the states really have it well with sites like APMEX and the like.