Prospector’s Gold and Gems 5 oz Silver Bar Unboxing | Silver Unboxing

Prospector’s Gold and Gems 5 oz Silver Bar Unboxing

Hello fellow silver bugs! I’m back today with a hand poured bar unboxing for your enjoyment from Prospector’s Gold and Gems. I think I’ve found a new hobby w…
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14 Responses to Prospector’s Gold and Gems 5 oz Silver Bar Unboxing

  1. Photo314159 says:

    Me too! :D

  2. circularfile2009 says:

    Love hand poured

  3. ZombiePrep236 says:

    Absolutely beautiful bro. I am bidding on a 1 oz P G&G. I gonna pay $38.00 for it and I have my eye on another one if I can get it cheap. The ones I have dont have the ax and shovel like yours. just plane

  4. kyshooters says:

    Dave is awesome. I am a metal detectorist. I send him my gold and sterling silver that I dig. He melts my gold into gorgeous 1/10 ounce gold rounds (coins) and pours the silver into 1 oz bars. It’s only a 5% premium on the gold and 10% on the silver. Pretty awesome service for turning your digs from the ground into bullion!

  5. Photo314159 says:

    Yeah, I just got one in my new order. You just have to buy them from Prospector’s G&G and they’ll make you as many as you want.

  6. cinnreds18 says:

    i like buying these in 1oz …. how ever they are hard to find anymore

  7. cinnreds18 says:

    go to and buy  🙂

  8. TheDrHaxs says:

    Looks nice, didn’t know there were hand poured silver bars.

  9. NJ Berzerker says:

    How do you get into buying precious metals?

  10. pspcraft says:

    Nice bar of silver. I really like that bar.

  11. beachbumsocal says:

    Those are great bars! I try to stack those along with old pour bars from Engelhard and Johnson Matthey.

  12. moomman89 says:

    Good enough to eat. Yum yum