New! Silver Unboxing Libertad Bison Perth Snake Dragon Maple Wood Bison | Silver Unboxing

New! Silver Unboxing Libertad Bison Perth Snake Dragon Maple Wood Bison

Apparently Youtube screwed up my upload seeing as the aspect ratio is now messed up. I’ll redo it tonight and re-upload it. Hi silver bugs, I’m back with th…

SD Bullion

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18 Responses to New! Silver Unboxing Libertad Bison Perth Snake Dragon Maple Wood Bison

  1. FrugalLife says:

    Nice selection of coins

  2. FrugalLife says:

    the older britannia’s are .958

  3. RevLiSdLloGmp says:

    I Like the Canadian Bison & The Libertad….
    Seems like pple are having issues with the Britanias because of the scuffs & scratches.

  4. Photo314159 says:

    I like them both, I do need to diversify more with some gold. I’ve only got a little now.

  5. gold maple says:

    You should buy gold

  6. Adam C says:

    The Britannia’s were .925 silver but i believe a little while ago they started minting .999 Britannia’s because people were not really buying them due to the purity not being .999 fine silver. Now they are very desirable.

  7. Photo314159 says:

    Yeah, there’s a minor scuff but it’s so easy to see since the coin is almost a mirror. If I look real close almost all of them have flaws weather it’s coin contact marks from the reeded edges, or scuffs. At least there’s no milk spots this time, lol.

  8. Photo314159 says:

    I believe you, I must have been thinking of one of the gold coins, like the Krugerrand. It was late, lol.

  9. Photo314159 says:

    You mean the aspect ratio? I don’t know, I’ve got to figure that out. It shouldn’t be like this.

  10. Photo314159 says:

    It looks like there’s a few scuffs. Not to bad but definitely not proof.

  11. bluoz62 says:

    Hi Photo314159….I’m taking a survey. What’s so good about Perth Mint bullion? I ask purely as an Aussie stacker. Peace

  12. Jeremy Farrance says:

    I’d go for a Britannia also but the scuffing issues put me off as well.

  13. Jose Aparicio says:

    Nice pick up bro , it’s always nice to have one of each coin.

  14. Adam C says:

    The Britannia is .999 fine silver. They made all the Britannia’s .999 fine silver a while ago, look it up.

  15. Adam C says:

    Awesome purchase, the libertad is great.

  16. greg williams says:

    Beautiful libertad – I dont have one yet – but I’m workin on it
    The lunars always do really well. Some years are just way up in price on ebay, especially the tiger and now the dragon.
    Still putting off getting a Britania as well cause of the scuffing issues the mint was having, i hope yours is ok 🙂

  17. BlindGuardian050 says:

    wow whats up with the resolution?

  18. Tonic Lime says:

    The half ounce lunars are great! nice additions.