2 New 10 ounce NTR Silver bars – Unboxing | Silver Unboxing

2 New 10 ounce NTR Silver bars – Unboxing

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SD Bullion

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25 Responses to 2 New 10 ounce NTR Silver bars – Unboxing

  1. Benjamin Galarneau says:

    “sufferin succotash”

  2. 55bino55 says:

    not trying to troll but your going to cut yourself

  3. Jordan Mears says:

    Their has to be a better way to open a box… Its like a fat kid in a candy store

  4. mrgod114 says:

    never cut towards yourself

  5. El1iP3S01D says:

    @SilverGoldBuddy Thank you…

  6. DownwithKlownz4lyf says:

    you told me about this site and made my first bar purchase from them a couple days ago and I spent 100 less then you I think I did good 🙂

  7. tweak114 says:

    you handle a knife wrong

  8. mark christopher says:

    I have 1 of those. Got it at wilshire coins.

  9. Greg H. says:

    Well at least he wanted to show us something like where you can get them cause I had no idea. LOL yah he lost money ah well

  10. Toker says:

    the fk are you gonna do with silver bars?

  11. lifelessperson1993 says:

    You must be real patriotic to keep mentioning that SGB is a Canadian company and that they’ve a good rating from a rating’s company…

  12. boydowninhouston says:

    Here we are

  13. tyler groff says:

    He lost money LOL.

  14. IWsBIxMuRDeR says:

    ya for sure

  15. bulrydrdan says:

    Oh so it was 5 ozs bars to 10 ozs bars, not 5 10 0zs bars. That explains it the math. LOL still a good investment.

  16. IWsBIxMuRDeR says:

    oh I think you just misread enforcedmarco he means 5-10 ounces not 5-10x 10 ounce bars

  17. bulrydrdan says:

    LOL, at the time I posted this, a 10oz bars was $15000.00 now times that by 5 would come out to $75000.00.

  18. IWsBIxMuRDeR says:

    lol 5-10 ounces of gold is not $75000 lol…~$1600 per ounce your math is a little off

  19. Don S says:

    NTR North Texas Refinery…

  20. C0mm3n says:

    how big is 4ft

  21. C0mm3n says:

    I have grass but none around the edges, will it be there? i think i have a mine under my garden becus there is a metall floor and under that there is pips im going to start now

  22. GOonTedgi says:

    2-4ft, usually they can be found in backyards with no grass or anything on the dirt it means you’re ontop of a underground mine, and you can get into it and find diamonds and gold nuggets. Good luck you’ll need it.

  23. C0mm3n says:

    Will they be in my garden? nd how deep?

  24. GOonTedgi says:

    Yeah, if you go deep enough, you can dig them out of the ground stealing it from earth.

  25. Justin Chura says:

    The best company to buy Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium bullion from is South Shore Rarities. This is where all the major banks buy their gold bullion from according to Forbes. Their number is 631.879.8119

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