Unboxing 07 06 13 Apmex | Silver Unboxing

Unboxing 07 06 13 Apmex

A slightly disappointing surprise with this Unboxing. Oh well….
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SD Bullion

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25 Responses to Unboxing 07 06 13 Apmex

  1. Themassofmenlead says:

    I just received a roll of the elephants and a roll of the Takus from Gainesville. Both had tape on the top to hold the cover. No way was it coming off. Apmex should have had the tape. I paid $22.30 for the elephants and $22.50 for the Takus. Free shipping because of a Britannia order having scratches. I complained, so they offered free shipping on my next order. The elephants are beautiful. Get the scratch ones replaced and enjoy them. Grandkids love my silver. I give them some when they visit.

  2. mkmstillstackin says:

    thanks, jovermyer! yeah, it was a stampede alright. a stampede of my hard earned money going down the tubes. LoL! no, just kidding. this was definitely disappointing but I’m confident they will set things straight eventually. Thanks for the support, man.

  3. jovermyer1 says:

    This should have been called the silver Somali Elephant stampede video! sorry for your inconvenience

  4. mkmstillstackin says:

    thanks for the support, rcgsquad. yes, indeed, it is a major bummer. I expect a little bit more from apmex, but oh well, no process is perfect. and you’re right. they will likely fix the problem really soon. I will definitely keep you posted!

  5. rcgsquad says:

    Man that sucks. Well I’m sure the dealer will fix this issue with no hassle. Let me know how everything turns out

  6. Ludamantle says:

    Sadly I think you’re right.

  7. mkmstillstackin says:

    Thank You, Ludamantle. indeed, I did get that sinking feeling once I heard the sound and it began to sink in for me what was happening. ;0(
    No, I never found any mintage info on these. if you or anyone else comes across that, please share. unlimited is probably a pretty darn good guess.

  8. mkmstillstackin says:

    the more I look at these coins the more I’m really liking your advise.

  9. hadrock83 says:

    Exchange it. Talk to apmex.

  10. mkmstillstackin says:

    Thanks for that, Jay. I’ll perhaps remind them of that when I’m discussing this incident with them over the phone. I appreciate you watching and very much appreciate you subbing!

  11. Jay Gregorio says:

    APMEX guarantees your satisfaction. At least that what they say on their website.
    They should exchange it on their dime.

  12. Ludamantle says:

    I honestly felt your pain as soon as I heard the sound. It’s funny; I love that sound, but never want to hear that during an unboxing. Nice coins. Did you ever find out the mintage on those? I couldn’t find anything, so I just assumed it was unlimited.

  13. mkmstillstackin says:

    Indeed, “ACK” is right, Bigstack! it really is a mystery as to how this was allowed to happen with the shipment of such a premium coin. thanks for the heads up on how the prepaid shipping should ideally work. Thank You, for watching, man! in deed, I will definitely give you guys a shout letting you know how Apmex plans on handling the situation right away.

  14. mkmstillstackin says:

    good point, Michael Silver! I mean, at this point, they really should be concerned with maintaining their reputation for delivering high quality product. a badly shipped order like this could really jeopardize that reputation. Thanks for watching.

  15. mkmstillstackin says:

    Thanks shinymetals! Yeah, I will definitely express to them my disappointment.

  16. mkmstillstackin says:

    Thank you, Greg! yeah, you raise a great point. the product they send should be nice with no equivocation, especially being a premium based coin. It doesn’t seem that difficult to secure the tube tightly within the wrapping.

  17. shinymetals45 says:

    Complain maybe APMEX will let you exchange it ounce for ounce.

  18. greg williams says:

    That’s bad packaging on their part. Mostly i have seen the tubes tightly wrapped inside the bag. Send em back man, why should you have to have an inferior product due to their negligence. Anyway…really nice coins. 🙂

  19. Michael Silver says:

    Poor packaging. APMEX should sent you replacement coins and let you keep the scratched coins. That’s my 5 cents worth.

  20. Bigstackmcgee says:

    ACK! I’d be bummed if that was even generic rounds clankin’ around freely, much less semi-numis like elephants. totally unacceptable. If they are to be returned, APMEX needs to send a prepaid label to foot the shipping, not you. Please upload a quick vid after your phone conversation with them to let us know how it went. I know many youtubers would love to get a glimpse of what the process is like. Great purchase though – it will be an awesome addition once it’s made right!

  21. mkmstillstackin says:

    very cool! I can see why negative publicity would make them really nervous. I will no doubt mention my youtube video to them if nothing else. sometimes a little extra persuasion is definitely needed.

  22. FTIdeas says:

    i have a sentry safe which the digital pad stopped working, i did a video of it where I was really pissed off, and sent the link to sentry,, a rep contacted me very quickly, they dont like a negative video on youtube.

  23. mkmstillstackin says:

    yeah, so you noticed my mood, too, eh?…you got it man, when you’re live on camera, nothing escapes the observant viewer, like yourself. Lol. thanks for the watching and supporting, Paul W.

  24. mkmstillstackin says:

    exactly, man! Just a little bit of tape would have prevented this whole thing.

  25. mkmstillstackin says:

    yeah, I totally might just do that, FT. I’ll gauge their initial reaction during the first few minutes of my cust. svcs. call. if the cooperation isn’t looking too good then that’s when I’ll pull out the heavy artillery like this video. thanks for the support, man!